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Podcast Website Provide Information on Roundup Ready Patent Expiration

first_imgThe last U.S. patent covering the original Roundup Ready soybean trait expires in 2015. As U.S. farmers begin thinking about purchasing their soybean seed for 2014 planting, they have a new resource to answer their questions about the expiration of Monsanto’s original Roundup Ready soybean trait – Soybeans.com. Farmers can also listen to an ASA Educational Podcast on the announcement here.“Even though the original Roundup Ready soybean trait is covered by a patent in the United States until the start of the 2015 planting season, we’re already getting questions from farmers about what they can and cannot do with Roundup Ready soybeans. Soybeans.com can help answer questions growers may have about patents as they pertain to planting and saving original Roundup Ready varieties, as well as the benefits of new seed. It’s a great resource for farmers as they plan for next year,” said Monsanto’s U.S. Oilseeds Product Management Lead Norm Sissons.The site outlines Monsanto’s commitments regarding the original Roundup Ready trait patent expiration, explains the different patents and breeders’ rights typically covering soybean seed, and includes frequently asked questions and a decision tree on saving seed.“We hope by having a web site like soybeans.com available, we’re able to provide a useful service to farmers and answer their questions,” said Sissons. “Soybeans.com helps give farmers a good understanding of seed patents, so they are aware of how they can legally use the seed they purchase and so they understand which seeds varieties are still protected by patents and may not be savable, including Monsanto’s second generation higher yielding soybean trait, Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield.”“Because patent law and seed technology is complicated, figuring out which seeds can be legally saved and planted is complicated too. Soybeans.com is a good first stop for farmers who are interested in potentially saving and planting soybeans with the original Roundup Ready trait,” Sissons added. “We recommend they review soybeans.com and then visit with their local seed dealer to get more information before purchasing their seed.”last_img read more