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Black truffle of Turopolje grove as a new gastro brand of Turopolje

first_imgWhen asked about the quality of Turopolje truffles, Ceroja added that this is a topic of expert discussion, but that there are 16 types of black truffles, and the quality depends primarily on how the truffle is treated when harvested and stored, so as not to lose quality. “Most importantly, there are 16 newly discovered types of truffles that have been analyzed, determined and authenticated by Professor Romano Božac. All these truffles, which until 2018 were not recorded anywhere in the world, can be seen today in the Mushroom Museum on the central Zagreb Square. One of them, the Turopolje truffle, is named after the extinct Turopolje cattle, Tuber prigmenius bos, and the other is named after its inventor – Tuber Kolić. There are also Tuber uncinatum, Tuber macrosporum, Tuber mesentericum, Tuber brumale… Said Nikola Tarandek, an experienced truffle grower from Istria. Although Istria is a synonym for truffles, black truffles can be found in Turopolje, ie in the area of ​​Turopolje grove, even in Slavonia. With the aim of informing the public about truffles in the area of ​​Turopolje grove as well as the promotion of the destination from the Zagreb County Tourist Board, they organized a hunt for black truffles for the needs of future promotional activities. How to experience the complete and authentic taste and smell of black truffles, restaurants of the Turopolje region, Mon Ami, Pivnica Turopolje and Bistro Babriga through the following period, they included dishes on the theme of black Turopolje truffles in their offer. As for the gastronomic offer, Ceronja points out that in his restaurant he will have a hot and cold appetizer, main course and black truffle dessert. “ From the cold appetizer, we will have a steak carpaccio with grated black truffles, and the warm appetizer will be combined with wide noodles with eggs, specific to the Turopolje region, with truffles. Pumpkin soup with truffles is also a great addition. For the main course, we plan to offer pork in cranberry and truffle sauce as well as duck breast. As for desserts, we will offer ice cream as well as chocolate mousse with truffles, to complete the whole gastro story. ” While some slept through the emergency, some were, despite everything, proactive. Thus, the Zagreb County Tourist Board began to work actively on the gastronomic promotion of Turopolje as well as the Zagreb County through the branding of truffles of the Turopolje grove. Mon Ami Restaurant Through additional promotion of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, the potential of this exclusive branch of mushroom growing has found its way to local menus and encouraged caterers to pair traditional dishes of the Turopolje region or discover new combinations. Bruno Ceronja, the owner of the Mon Ami restaurant, points out that the black truffle of Turopolje certainly has great potential for enriching the gastronomic offer, as well as for the motive for coming to Turopolje. “We used to use Istrian black truffle, and now we will proudly use our black truffle from Turopolje grove.”Ceronja points out. As Ceronja points out, apart from the gastronomic offer, active and rural tourism, Turopolje is also ideal for the development of cycling tourism. And that is proof of that, Ceronja points out, how often teams that hold trainings in Turopolje come to Turopolje because of the ideal conditions, thanks to the hilly and lowland environment. Black truffles are found in the indigenous pedunculate oak forest, they are very difficult to grow commercially, but people with specially trained dogs have to find and dig them up. Admittedly, there is commercial production of black truffles in which France, Italy and Spain are in the lead, as well as in consumption, while in the world there is no confirmed success in plantation cultivation of white truffles. There has been an attempt for a long time to develop the tourist story of Turopolje, which certainly has great potential for the development of active, gastro and rural tourism. Especially because of the proximity of Zagreb, where the entire Zagreb green ring is an ideal weekend destination for escape from the crowds and stress. The fact that there are black truffles in Turopolje is a great potential for our destination, points out Ivana Alilović, director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, and adds: ” Zagreb County, Turopolje area makes a significant contribution to better gastronomic and thus tourist offer, mostly the offer of restaurants, farms and hotels located in the green ring of Zagreb. Inconspicuous in appearance, but irresistible in smell and taste, the underground mushroom is one of the most expensive and most appreciated foods in the world and represents an additional step forward and potential in the promotion and branding of the destination Turopolje. ” Therefore, four truffles, led by Mr. Mario Kolić, after whom one of the truffles of the Turopolje grove is named, TUBER KOLIĆ, went hunting for black truffles, and everything is documented for the promotion and branding of Turopolje as a gastro destination in whose restaurants will soon be be able to taste authentic dishes combined with Turopolje black truffle. Photo: Zagreb County Tourist Board “It is necessary to connect value chains, create new tourist products in the destination, only in these new times can we be an attractive destination for all of us ” emphasizes Alilović and adds that the emphasis is on sustainable, green and above all safe tourism in the green ring of Zagreb. ” First of all, discover the undiscovered from today, take home the unforgettable memory of truffle hunting”Concludes Alilović.last_img read more