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By FFWPU USA We all know that True Parents are de

first_imgBy FFWPU USA: We all know that True Parents are desperate to reach all 7.5 billion people for God, and True Mother is counting on us to help lead the way. However, it’s important to acknowledge that growth is not just about the body count. The growth of our movement needs to go hand-in-hand with our own personal growth, and the healthy development of our families. As we strive to create a blessed family culture in America, we are simultaneously deepening our relationship with God, with our family, and with our extended community. Our movement is going through a process of positive change.The traditional church structure often enables a passive participation from brothers and sisters, but True Father has been trying to transition us into an active, family-centered movement for some time.Typical relational affiliation with church, with a pastor and small volunteer leadership teamAs we become more family-centered, we will see greater ownership over our culture, more creative freedom, and more space for our collective genius to contribute to God’s providence. We will start to feel that sharing True Parents’ teachings is something that we can do more naturally and freely, together, because it will be a natural expression of our family culture.As individuals, we may still often feel that we don’t have enough time or energy to do more than we are already doing, or we may feel that Tribal Messiahship is too high a vision to reach, but True Father foresaw this a long time ago, and suggested that we work in trinities.TrinitiesIn terms of Tribal Messiahship, True Mother was one of the first to say, work together. Yes, 430 is a very big number of families to reach, but we don’t have to do it all alone.Not only will our new tribe members help us with their own enthusiasm and networks; we can start now by working together with each other. True Mother encouraged whole communities to work together as one tribe and reach 430, before expecting every family to do it alone. It takes time, and we definitely need to work together, support each other, hold each other accountable, and learn from each other.Trinities are formed, and participate in the development and leadership of the communityWe are working with our leadership across the country to recalibrate our church for Tribal Messiahship, where trinities form a cornerstone of the community.Again, it takes time; this isn’t just campaign-driven, an initiativeto grow the church. Fundamentally, the trinity is a way to grow ourselves and see where we can start to shift the culture from an individual salvation church model to a family model.To exemplify the family and trinity model, pastors and ministry leaders at the 430 Tribal Messiahship National Leadership Conference in Las Vegas this April formed their own trinities for their Tribal Messiahship, and for their growth and development.Of course, we encourage all our family members to start their own trinities, but we know that just being told to can be counterproductive. Unless we feel hope ourselves, what can we contribute to our trinities and Tribal Messiahship, and what can we get out of it?In order to support our families and communities transition into Tribal Messiahship, we are conducting We Can Do It Tribal Messiahship workshops around the nation.Working in smaller teams of three families can help us to support each other and stay accountable, and then by working together strategically with the community we can have an even greater impact.To do that, we need to have a plan, and in some areas, we need to start by hitting the reset button. That’s the purpose of the We Can Do It workshop: to explore, understand and set goals for our Tribal Messiahship. We are also developing these workshop resources to be made available online at HeavenlyTribe.org.The community starts to feel like a tribe with stronger relationships and shared leadership OUR COMMITMENTBy the end of the year, we aim to have 430 families in America that:Feel revived, supported and inspired to do Tribal Messiahship;Are benefitting from the resources and tools being developed that serve their couple, their family, and their Tribal Messiahship activities;Participate in trinities that are meeting weekly, and maintaining a relationship with their community leader to share what’s going on in their Tribal Messiahship activities;Are registered on our national database with their trinity names.We hope to host as many of the We Can Do It workshops around the nation as possible, and we’re going to be rolling out the resources that the program provides online for those who can’t attend in person. We are also going to be sharing the stories of God working in our trinities and tribes along the way.So think about it. Discuss the trinity model with your family; you might even already have an idea of who you can work with in your Tribal Messiahship. In the meantime, new resources will be made at HeavenlyTribe.org, including We Can Do It workshops, a Tribal Messiahship kit, and more information about how we can work together.last_img read more