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Pablo García insinuates that he fought with Míchel Salgado in Madrid

first_imgPablo Garcia Which? “Many are personal, which is not nice to say. Soccer, for example, I was in Osasuna and they offered me a contract for life. What I would like to win. And the Madrid thing came out. Barça also loved me with Rijkaard. I let myself go out of respect and because I always handled myself like that. I am aware that I spent a long time without a team, without playing, I played only in the national team, went to Atleti and I was not lucky enough to play… It always cost me everything. I had an agent, Casal, who would get me equipment here and here. The opportunity of Madrid came out. If I had to go back I would change many things, I don’t know if I would go to Madrid, I don’t know if I would sign that contract ”.How can you say that of Madrid? What happened to him there? “Sometimes it is not all rosy, it is not easy. I was a moment in Madrid, it was the last year of the phenomena, Zidane was retiring, Roberto Carlos was in the last, Raúl was in the last, Ronaldo, Beckham, Salgado, Helguera … It was not easy, they had won everything. It was not easy to play there, there was a lot of court to run and they had changed their coach. I remember that day that we were training and they were filming the Gol movie and the cameras were in training. And every day photos. I was not ready. I came from Osasuna, more people, more working people, more equipment, I had a good coach like Aguirre, we had the barbecue on Thursday… It cost me and I suffered, I didn’t enjoy it. I was with the best and it was an unforgettable experience, but it cost. ” “In Madrid it cost me and I suffered” Pablo García, Uruguayan who played for Real Madrid in the 2005-06 season, was interviewed on the program Last to the Bow, from Sport 380 and took stock of his career. The former midfielder, who has lived in Greece for eleven years, the country where he hung his boots, revealed that in his first training session at Real Madrid he had a confrontation with a player. He did not say the name but threw a clue: “It was right-back …”. The starting ‘2’ in that Real Madrid was Míchel Salgado …What are you doing: “I finished playing in Greece and I have been here for eleven years. I finished playing and spent a month or so working with a Dutch sports director who came to the team, but I realized that being in the office was not for me. I went as assistant coach to the PAOK U17 team, I liked it, we were champions. I liked to send myself, to be the first coach. They gave me a chance to grab the U19. The first year was difficult for me, not only because of the language but also because of the experience of having assistants with years in the academy and I was a player. There was that touch. But then I was lucky to find people I already knew in soccer. They helped me a lot. It’s something I really like, especially at this age, 18 or 19 years old. We have three championships in a row, two undefeated years and we are happy. I am lucky to do what I like. “Doesn’t it make you want to coach a team in Uruguay? “I want to go one step further and work with older people. Not to mention that it is in mind, there is a goal. I had the goal now to finish the job to get the UEFA A card to train the majors and with this from the coronavirus it is necessary to postpone until the summer. Of course, one wants to lead seniors. You never know what possibility. You are waiting for what is going to happen in the club. Directing a great any coach wants to direct. I am aware that there are many coaches prepared in Uruguay and they are waiting for an opportunity. It is not easy, but I never had anything easy. I’m used to setting a goal and working, working and working. “Does seeing Valverde in Madrid generate memories? “I am glad that there is a Uruguayan not only in Madrid but in great teams. Most of them came from downstairs and had a hard time getting there. I see Valverde more as an 8, back and forth, not as a central midfielder. I’m glad and the good thing is that he came young, I don’t want to compare, I arrived a little older. He is with all the strength and desire, I see it very well, he earned a position. Congratulate him and keep improving. ”Would you have liked to coincide with this new Uruguayan generation? “You cannot change anything. We have all made mistakes, bad decisions that now with experience you realize, but that’s it, there is no going back and you cannot regret anything. The main thing is that you do it with your heart and do what you feel. A few years less yes, to play with these players… Needless to say, to enjoy with these players, of course I would like to, although in my time there were also great players ”.In his career he had a great pleasure, having played for Madrid. What was missing in your career? “I dont know. I have made many bad decisions and bad times. Bad decisions are my fault. ” She came to Madrid with Diogo and he said it was not easy: “Reviewing the teams I was in, it always cost me the first year. Also at Osasuna, at Celta … The first year was difficult. And a large team does not wait. If you don’t put on your shirt and play on Sunday, they leave you aside and don’t wait for anyone. You have to come and respond. There are many factors that influence ”.How was Zidane: “I agree with Montero, he was a simple person, very difficult to raise his voice for something, always smiling, humble. So when I had to be in Milan, with Maldini… Those people, those great players are the simplest people there is. ”Did they make a vacuum in Madrid’s dressing room? “It was difficult to enter the group, they already had their age group, winners. Beckham was there with another English and he didn’t speak Spanish. Then another group of the Spanish. There were small groups and it was difficult to enter. I had played in Osasuna and had had friction in a game with one of Madrid and the first day I had problems with a player. He made an ugly gesture at me. It was the first day I arrived. Not make me respect but I had to fight and everything calmed down. “On the first day he had to fight: “Unfortunately this is the case, not like in Osasuna, when I arrived the group was united and they took me with them. They made me feel at home. And it cost more ”.Who was he with who had that confrontation in that locker room? “I’m not going to give you names. Right back was … (laughs) Things that happen. “Defeat against Barça on the day of applause for Ronaldinho: “It was a very difficult match. I had returned with the team, had traveled 24 hours, I arrived in Madrid, I had hardly slept. I go to breakfast at eight in the morning. And I come and see the coach, in Luxembourg, having breakfast. And I say: “Are you screwed up, Brazilian?” And he says: “Yes, a little bit.” It was a difficult match. Messi was starting. I didn’t make a bad match. “last_img read more