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Did your iPhone alarm work properly today

first_imgYou probably heard that iOS alarms had a nasty bug that prevent them from adjusting to daylight saving time. In case you didn’t, you might have found out this morning when you woke up an hour late. Yes, despite all those blog posts the iOS DST bug surely claimed some victims today.Anecdotally, I live in a two iPhone household so we got do some testing today. One iPhone was not adjusted at all, just as if we hadn’t heard about the bug, and the other had a new alarm time set yesterday. It was set with the thought that an alarm time created after the time change would work properly. Want to venture a guess as to what happened?Neither went off. Or rather they both went off, just an hour late. Luckily we had set a backup alarm on a Blackberry that worked as planned.Anyone out there get burned? Any coworkers run into work an hour late, completely disheveled, muttering something about their iPhone? Now’s your chance to complain!last_img read more