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Martin Bayne I Cant Afford To Slide Back

first_imgby, Martin Bayne, ChangingAging ContributorTweet5Share23Share3Email31 SharesIt’s 11:00 PM and I write these words on my iPad while sitting in my bed at the Phoebe Ministries nursing home/rehab complex in Allentown, Penn. My rehab stay will likely be four or five weeks, and follows a week in St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem, PA., where I presented in their ER a week and a half ago with a 103-degree fever, (turned out to be pneumonia).When I was younger (I’m 64), I could push back a pulmonary embolism or two and play a couple of hours of pick-up basketball (OK, a hyperbole, but you get the idea). These days, a bout of pneumonia knocks the stuffing out of me, setting me back six or seven weeks.I started my rehab (Physical and Occupational Therapies) three days ago and struggled with the straightforward act of standing for 90 seconds. I’ve requested OT/PT seven-days a week. I can’t afford to slide back, which is what happens to me now as I grow older, after a day or two in bed.I’ve been watching some television and am surprised at the number of ads and infomercials directly related to aging boomers: incontinence, high-calorie drinks, assisted living, etc. it’s positively mind-blowing. The’ve even got an infomercial touting a substance derived from jelly-fish for improved memory.Beware and be vigilant. There are, unfortunately, a great number of fellow Baby boomers who feel very strongly about their mission to separate you from your savings.Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the ambient despair I saw today on many of the faces of residents who were also doing their therapy. Faces that said, “Why am I still alive?”Faces of men and women just like you and me.Related PostsBattling For Recovery After a Brush With DeathMartin Bayne called me from the hospital today asking if ChangingAging would help him chronicle his journey of recovery as he transitions to a nursing home to regain adequate health and mobility to return to his home at Sacred Heart Assisted Living.July 2009, HellJuly 2009, Hell     I write these words on a notepad, sitting on a hospital bed. Below me, a black rubber mattress amplifies the almost unbearable heat of this steamy July evening.Update: Mad as Hell Part 2After 14 years fighting to maintain some shred of autonomy and home in assisted living facilities in New York and Pennsylvania, Martin Bayne is being evicted from his current assisted living. His next stop will be an “indeterminate stay” at a short-term rehab facility in a local CCRC.Tweet5Share23Share3Email31 SharesTags: Ambient Despair Assisted Living Martin Bayne nursing homelast_img read more