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Nursing’s golden treasure

first_imgNursing’s golden treasureOn 1 Jan 2002 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Occupational nurses can make the difference at all levels of the system anddeserve to be highly valuedOccupational health is the cutting edge of the nursing community, said DrBeverly Malone, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing in herkeynote address to the conference. “I don’t see any other group in nursing having the conversation aboutwhy nursing makes a difference – a difference in terms of safety and quality ofcare. “They should look at you as their golden treasure, and I’m not surethey do. “OH nurses always think in terms of systems,” said Malone,outlining the various levels of the system which OH nurses make a difference. On the supra level, she said, which includes organisations such as the WHO,the emphasis has been on determining which countries have the healthiestworkforce. “No other group of nurses have a more leading role indetermining that,” she said. On the organisational level, Malone spoke about her vision for the RCN.”But a vision without action is a hallucination,” she said. “Under the umbrella of the RCN there should be room for every nurse tohave value and worth. My job is to make it clear that you are valued.” Making this happen, Malone continued, involves issues such as health andsafety – including mental health – pay and expert practice – “Every nurseneeds to be an expert,” she said. Somewhere along the line in their careers nurses can lose their passion fornursing. “The key to keeping your passion is in your expert area,”Malone said. At group level, she recommended mentoring as a means of improving skills.”Leaders are not born, they are mentored,” she said. The final levelof the system is the individual level. “When we want change, the bestplace to start is by changing ourselves.” Malone urged occupational health nurses to get involved in liaising withprimary care trusts. “Your knowledge base can be of criticalimportance,” she said. last_img read more

PLAT-I steers to Grand Passage as demo anchors for public check

first_imgNova Scotia’s Department of Energy has opened a 30-day public comment period for the Grand Passage tidal demonstration project on the day the PLAT-I tidal energy test platform entered Halifax Port.The 280kW PLAT-I device arrived in Halifax aboard Atlantic Sky container ship after leaving the Liverpool Port early last week.Bound for Bay of Fundy’s Grand Passage, Sustainable Marine Energy’s PLAT-I platform featuring Schottel Hydro‘s SIT250 turbines – is planned to be deployed for an off-grid demonstration for a period of a minimum of three months beginning in late summer, and into fall 2018.According to the application filed to Nova Scotia authorities by Black Rock Tidal Power (BRTP) – a Schottel Hydro company also partnering in the project – the goal of the project is to conduct a demonstration test program to prove PLAT-I performance in Nova Scotia’s tidal conditions.The application – up for public comments until August 16, 2018 – states the second objective of the demo project is to trial a variety of environmental monitoring technologies and techniques to investigate interactions between PLAT-I and marine life.Turbine inspection on PLAT-I (Photo: Sustainable Marine Energy)The project is also expected to contribute to the development of local and regional capacity with regards to development and operation of tidal energy projects.A non-profit Nova Scotia-based company Sustainable Oceans Applied Research (SOAR) has been engaged to assist BRTP and its partners in site characterization, permitting and stakeholder engagement for the project.Grand Passage, located between communities of Westport and Freeport in Digby County, in Canada’s Province of Nova Scotia, will serve as the site of the first North American application of the PLAT-I technology.Namely, PLAT-I had a successful inaugural deployment in Connel Sound in Scotland throughout late 2017 and the first half of this year.“The Grand Passage location has the great advantage of having strong tidal currents and shelter from open ocean waves but also allowing easy access to the platform.“Through this project BRTP and its partners intend to continue progressive development of community and utility-scale floating tidal energy devices that can be installed in rivers and tidal currents around the world to provide clean, renewable electricity for remote communities, industrial facilities, and utilities,” it is stated in the application to Nova Scotia Energy Department.With design adapted for more sheltered and slightly more benign sites in terms of wave climate – corresponding to the I in the platform’s name which stands for Inshore – PLAT-I features four SIT250 turbines each rated at 70kW.The innovative design of PLAT-I facilitates easy and low-cost transport, assembly and launching close to the intended deployment site, and according to Sustainable Marine Energy, all tasks can be performed using local, readily available equipment.last_img read more

Skerritt anxious to hear Wehby Task Force recommendations

first_imgST JOHN’s, Antigua (CMC) – Cricket West Indies (CWI) president Ricky Skerritt said he is shortly looking forward to reviewing the recommendations of the Task Force on Corporate Governance Reform.Speaking after being named to the International Cricket Council’s Governance Working Group which has been tasked with examining the future governance structure of the world governing body, Skerritt said the Task Force’s feedback should be available “over the next few weeks”.“Commissioning the CWI governance review task force, led by Jamaican senator and Grace Kennedy CEO, Don Wehby, was one of the first actions we took after being elected,” Skerritt said.“Mr Wehby and his team have been hard at work ever since and I expect to begin hearing from them over the next few weeks.”The Wehby-led Task Force comprises prominent regional academic Sir Hilary Beckles, Charles Wilkin QC, entrepreneur OK Melhado and former Trinidad and West Indies vice-captain, Deryck Murray.According to CWI, the committee’s purpose is to highlight reforms to the current cricket governing structure in the Caribbean “to achieve greater transparency and accountability to shareholders, as well as all stakeholders”.The well-known Patterson Report, along with several other reports which have been done, was expected to be used as the starting point of the latest review.Over the last decade, CWI has pushed back on many significant reforms, especially those aimed at addressing the large size of the board.In 2015, a Governance Review Panel headed by UWI Cave Hill principal recommended the “immediate dissolution” of CWI and the appointment of a new board “whose structure and composition will be radically different from the now proven, obsolete governance framework”.The-then Dave Cameron-led board rejected the recommendation as “impractical” and an “unnecessary and intrusive demand”.Skerritt had indicated during the election campaign to unseat Cameron earlier this year that he would revisit governance reform once elected president.last_img read more

Guyana quench ‘Vincy Heat’ 3-0 to take second win at CONCACAF U-20 Qualifiers

first_imgOSAFA Simpson struck twice, while Omari Glasgow netted the other goal, as Guyana made it two-for-two at the CONCACAF U-20 Championship Qualifiers in Nicaragua, this time whipping St Vincent and the Grenadines 3-0 in their latest match on Monday. After rallying to an impressive 6-0 win over Montserrat in their opening game; Guyana returned to action at the Nicaragua National Football Stadium and showed that they are hungry to compete with the other top countries in the confederation’s June 20 to July 5 showpiece in Honduras.Simpson put the Wayne Dover-coached side up 1-0 at the end of the first half with his 35th minute goal, and then returned just upon resumption of the second stanza to complete his double to give the Guyanese a 2-0 cushion.Guyana had several chances to distance themselves and further dampen the ‘Vincy Heat’ but they didn’t make good of their goal-coring opportunities.Nonetheless, Glasgow scored his second goal of the tournament in the 68th minute to make it 3-0 for Guyana, who now sit second in Group A of the Qualifiers behind Nicaragua on goal difference.Nicaragua, who opened the tournament with an 8-0 win over the US Virgin Islands, defeated Montserrat 4-0 in their second game. The result meant that Guyana, with a total nine goals, are three goals behind Group A’s host nation.With only one team advancing and both Nicaragua and Guyana showing that they are the most superior teams in the four-team group, it will likely come down to either goal difference, or the outcome of their meeting on February 23.Meanwhile, Guyana will return to action on February 21 when they take on the US Virgin Island. All matches will be played at the Nicaragua National Football Stadium.last_img read more

Gentle Clowns to curb stomp Dirty Birds

first_imgMalory Goldin / The Badger HeraldPublisher Peter Hoeschele celebrates a touchdown in the Herald’s rout of the Dirty Bird in 2011. With the legendary Elliot Hughes under center, the Gentle Clowns are poised to trample their meager opponent in similar fashion.Baking soda and vinegar, whiskey and fireworks, sorority girls and Lakeshore dorm residents, Bret Bielema and an all-you-can-eat buffet, Keystone Light and Asian Kitchen. All of these pairs are dangerous when combined and make for catastrophic results. But none of these combinations is as dangerous and lethal as the annual flag football game between rival campus newspapers.With late Thursday downpours turning Vilas Park into something resembling a goose shit-ridden water slide from the depths of hell, Friday’s game between the Gentle Clowns of The Badger Herald and the Dirty Birds of the Daily Cardinal has been officially deemed “The Battle for a Pair of Dry Underwear.”“Another year, another Herald football win; God I’m getting sick of how one-sided this shit has been!” editor-in-chief and Fearless Dictator-for-Life Ryan “Durkin” Rainey screamed in unfathomable rage.The heroic, gentrified laborers of The Badger Herald look to defeat their wanton, loathsome filth of adversaries Friday with the help of a standout wide receiving corps more backwoods hillbilly than the cast of “Swamp People,” “Duck Dynasty” and “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” combined.“Growing up wit four othur brutherrs, momma and poppa didn’t have no room fer us in da shed,” Madison yokel and star receiver Nick “Hams” Korger whistled through his three remaining teeth. “Sew dey used ta keep us out in da backyurd and made uz play der futball teh decide who get ta sleep on da porch.”The noodle-brained Korger will be joined along the edges by newcomer and high school athlete has-been Sean Zak, who has been watching film of himself in high school in his run-down, rusty trailer home while drinking cases ofPBRand itching himself constantly.“Yeah, I was all-state back in the day, no big deal,” Zak bragged, putting a big plug of Skoal in while brandishing his favorite grease-stained Dale Earnhardt Jr. shirt as his beer gut hung out of his sweat pants. “With the help of some in-depth advice from TZ.com and a longer mullet, I’m looking forward to stomping those fecal-eating, mushroom-faced fart sandwiches at the DC on Friday.”Several ambulances, a fire truck and a local funeral home will be on standby at Vilas Park as Editorial Board member and perennial defensive anchor Sarah Witman returns for one last mission of vengeance against the dirtiest of birds. Training in an undisclosed, mountainous, snowy-as-fuck region of Siberia with Sylvester Stallone, Yoda, Chris Borland, Al Roker and Charlie Sheen, Witman has returned to Madison sporting a full beard and an accent thicker than the borscht Vladimir Putin’s grandmother made for him. “SARAHSMASH!” screamed Witman between incredible leaps and bounds, destroying new pavement and plowing over innocent commuters on foot during stand-still traffic on Charter Street.A random urine test on Deputy News Editor and shutdown cornerback Elliot Hughes came up clean, although rumors persisted that Hughes used the Original Whizzinator and squirrel urine to hide his usage of methamphetamines, painkillers, Beer 30 and low-grade cattle growth hormone.But nothing compares to the pain-bringing demon of the newest defensive end on the Clowns, skull-crusher and feline aficionado Katie “Cat Lady” Caron.Born and raised by feral cats in the wilderness of the god-forsaken lands of Minnesota, Caron developed super-reflexes and a taste for Meow Mix but, as a result, can only communicate in broken English because of her limited time in civilization.Fellow cat lover and all-around badass Taylor Nye serves as Caron’s translator and the Herald’s defensive coordinator. Nye revealed in the last few days she’s been dreaming up blitzing schemes so complex they would make Stephen Hawkings’ head explode.“I wouldn’t say this game is going to be as one-sided as the quality of the papers … but who am I fucking kidding”? Nye said in her Thursday press conference, which was attended by her cats, dressed in suits.The Clowns still have an ace up their sleeve as well. Somewhere, in the unexplored depths of Mendota Lake, lies the notorious and feared design department of The Badger Herald. Rising every night from the icy waters only to feed on Skittles and finish special design requests, it remains unclear if Angus “Bear Killer” McNair and Sigrid “Flapjack” Hubertz will awaken in time to partake in the rotisserie-style slaughter of the Dirty Birds.The Herald’s injury list is lengthy, with free safety Leah Linschied doubtful (Taylor Swift addiction), outside linebacker Reginald Young questionable (Bieber Fever), head coach Ian McCue on thePUP(not athletic), Kelly Erickson probable (gingervitis) and leading tackler Leopoldo “Polo” RochaMIA(overslept).last_img read more