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WGC-Bridgestone and PGA Championship in succession,picture with Anushka. operatic music and ominous words: After 20 years.

In the absence of live footage,” The 2008 bronze medal previously owned by Flanagan,” said Jaiswal. 2017 3:16 am Top News DID you know that the jersey of the Indian cricket team is made out of recycled plastic?The fabric used for making jersey for the men in blue is just one example of when plastic bottles or more precisely Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles were crushed and processed to make numerous products including T-shirts scarves denims and even pillows Polymer scientists at the city-based National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) who have taken baby steps towards recycling PET bottles believe that fabric created in this fashion is turning into a booming industry Watch What Else Is Making News In a first-of-its-kind study undertaken by NCL in March last year it was estimated that the industry has the potential to generate Rs 3486 crore annually by employing about 16000 people “With this idea of recycling PET bottles India has entered a global league…” said Ashwini Kumar Nangia director of NCL About 1500 kilotonnes of PET were produced in India during 2015-2016 and 982 kilotonnes in 2014-15 indicating that ample plastic resources are available to be recycled within the country Apart from this India also imports PET from countries such as China and Taiwan Plastic waste has become a problem area for those involved in solid waste management and town planning PET recycling after appropriate separation and segregation may provide a solution given the quantum of plastic waste generated in the country As part of recycling PET bottles are made to go through a series of processes including sorting selection and segregation for coloured bottles aluminium caps rings and PVC material “This PET material is then washed and chemically treated giving the desired kind of fabric” said Magesh Nandagopal a member of one of the NCL teams working on PET recycling projects According to Ashish Lele head of the polymer science and engineering group at NCL the recycling industry with a focus on PET is growing fast For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Updated: April 25 2017 11:02 pm Kumkum Bhagya 24th April 2017 full episode written update: Team Pragya plans to steal Tanu’s extra set of lehenga Top News Abhi is feeling miserable as he is still indecisive about the marriage He goes to Aalia and says that he is feeling nervous Aalia makes him understand that it happens with everyone it is quite normal to feel confused before marriage Also it is because he is getting married for the first time Abhi doesn’t feel convinced his turban also opens There Team Pragya plans to steal Tanu’s extra set of lehenga which she has ordered in case her own lehenga gets dirty They plan to make Pragya wear the stolen lehenga and make her sit in the mandap Purab asks Daasi to get the lehenga from Tanu’s room Abhi walks upstairs and asks Daasi to tie up the saafa Dassi who is going to Tanu’s room is stopped by Abhi Daasi tries to tie up the saafa Abhi imagines that Pragya is doing it he pulls Daasi in his lap and hugs her Daasi yells and asks Abhi to behave She hurries up to steal the lehenga Also read |Kumkum Bhagya 21st April 2017 full episode written update: Pragya doesn’t want to cheat Abhi Sarla calls Pragya and learns that she has still not talked to Abhi She decides to go to the Mehra house to know what is happening there Dadi asks Pragya why she agreed to replace Tanu as earlier she was rigid Pragya says that when she saw mandap and imagined Abhi and Tanu there she got insecure and decided to do whatever Dadi is saying Dadi smiles and pulls Pragya’s leg For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Shekhar Gupta | Updated: June 10 2014 3:34 am “Internationally the confidence in India is a little shaken We’ve got to create that confidence we’ve got to create stability and we’ve got to take advantage of all the positives we have… We have to go and sit down with the new government and talk to them” Source: Amit Chakravarty Related News In this Walk the Talk on NDTV 24×7 with The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta Tata Consultancy Services CEO Natarajan Chandrasekaran talks about re-imagining governance and why he believes in the concept of a unique identity Your profits have jumped from Rs 5000 crore to Rs 19000 crore Your market cap has gone from $ 12 billion to $ 72 billion six times in dollar terms Next year you will be the most profitable company in India You have the highest market cap for a company in India the most valuable company in India You have signed a joint venture with Mitsubishi recently This is a whole bunch of good headlines for TCS Yes we have had a fantastic run TCS always had great strengths We have great people and enormous capabilities in terms of tools technologies and methodologies that we have built over a long period of time If you see the TCS business model we have worked with leading companies in every industry in the markets in which we serve We have a fantastic global footprint and really fantastic clients I think we have tried to bring it all together nicely and it seems to have worked How is the TCS business model different from say other well-known IT brands in India — Infosys Wipro Or are you doing more of the same thing Every company has a different strategy It could be in terms of the customers you serve the markets you serve the type of portfolios of services you bring together and your philosophy and then a company culture There are many aspects in the services sector that differentiate one company from the other But is there also a distinction in the creative input in the products that these companies offer Yes and no If you really look at it there are certain parts of our business which are identical In the sense that we do similar type of service plans… That is the outsourcing part You call it application management or application development etc And if you take some other parts like for example solution in a banking sector some of us do it and some of us do not Sometimes we take a call that this market is very important and we are going to go and build a business in this market Say for example we took that call in Latin America in 2002 and in Japan too we took that call So there are bets that you make The way we approach the products software and platforms is different from the way others do There are always subtle differences but these differences are important because they have a profound impact on the way you direct a company It is one thing for you to say that there are differences but for someone who does not live in Bangalore or who was not bought up in the South on a diet of thayir sadam (curd rice) over 10 generations it’s impossible for me to understand those differences Will you explain some See if you take the revenue portfolio of these companies you can say that a lot of it is similar But if you take the bets that we are all making we are going for a much more diversifying model We have a footprint in many locations some of the others don’t go for similar footprints Also there are markets which we don’t go into which others may choose to serve What is the new cutting-edge thing that you are planning in TCS Are you going to do something disruptive Is something on the cards We are of the opinion that digital technology — what they call analytics cloud and social and mobile — offers phenomenal opportunities for everybody to re-imagine whatever is going on For TCS our entire business can be re-imagined In theory today if I have the systems in place I can pretty much have a virtual wall in which I can see everything I can see my 300000 employees moving around my customers who is where doing what Whether I want to look up revenues or whether I want to look up collections… But there is still a touchy-feely side to business A doctor can look at 50 scans and 50 blood test reports but you only feel better when the doctor touches you That’s true We will not go away from human connect but we will not waste time as all of it will be real time We are going to do a number of platforms A platform is a way by which you can bring things together and then give an outcome So will you describe yourselves as a hands-on CEO or a hands-off CEO I am very hands-on I understand business and I am connected with the customers At the same time I let my people do what they want to do I am available when they want to talk to me And you keep very fit I would have said you are the fittest CEO but I have to be careful because a few miles from here is Mr Anil Ambani There will be a diplomatic incident if I said one is the fitter of the two Oh he is much fitter I try to be fit enough because my job requires me to travel a lot You run every major marathon and that is little bit more than ‘fit enough’ I bet you have offices in all those cities Yes so it’s also an opportunity to run with some of my employees so that’s fun Otherwise I wouldn’t meet them They may be doing programming or whatever it is and they run and we get along How did you get started on such serious running I was not into any kind of athletics or sports I was 44 in 2007 My family has a history of diabetes and my doctor said ‘You should be reversing it You should do serious walking’ I thought why not take up running The next day I couldn’t run 50 metres And then I decided to work on it I wish I had started 20-30 years ago I really like it I have the urge every morning to get up and run and that’s how I picked up running and I decided to run the marathon I practised for a year and in 2008 I ran my first marathon After that I took some coaching We have seen over the past many years Infosys doing many headline-making things mostly related to its key people Nandan Nilekani started doing UIDAI then joined politics and now V Balakrishnan has joined politics Many people have come and gone Some have gone and come back Why are we not seeing more talking heads and opinion makers from TCS You talked about Nandan and Bala They are not in Infosys any more and are pursuing their passion which is a good thing Your life cannot be just one thing For me I realised running is something I really enjoy So after one’s primary career I think one can pursue whatever they like Coming to TCS itself there are many who are talking in industry forums in the right conferences internationally but they are not talking so much in the public domain Take my experts in digital or in the retail business they are all there in these conferences attended by their respective communities There are things to which we have to make contributions We should definitely be talking about solving water problems and about education reforms… Because you have done some work with governance reform Passport service… We have done quite a few projects in this country but we have done them as projects Whether it is passport securities settlement… But I think what India has an opportunity now is in completely re-imagining governance Take identity — UID has come now — but there are still other forms of identity Do you believe UID has been damaged now because of politicisation Do you still believe in it I believe in the concept of UID and it is a great thing I think we have to make sure that it is fully implemented and fully integrated because we need a common ID and we need a mechanism by which we can validate things You think it should be taken forward irrespective of the results in this election Yes I think so Do you have any suggestions on how UID can be improved See I don’t know the specific intricacies but for me what is important is that we need to have a common identifier and that is a good thing If there are pitfalls we have got to see what those pitfalls are and attend to them You do not see any fatal pitfalls No I do not And if there are any we have got to fix that Is there anything you would specifically want to fix with India’s governance You talked about re-imagining governance I think it is a unique opportunity for the new government because we are not fully digitised We have digitised certain things like passport has been digitised… But you see we are 300000 people in TCS As a corporation it’s a lot of people but 300000 people is not a big number when you look at a nation I cannot do anything with 300000 people if I am not fully digitised It is impossible to get anything across It is not just about communication it’s about making things happen real-time So I do not see how one billion people can have an alternative solution So we need more of digitisation not only for communication but in terms of real-time availability decision-making So I think we’ve got to look at business processes we cannot look at ministries We’ve got to look at a process that runs across ministries because anything you have to do it has to jump across four ministries Four ministries CAG courts activists… Yes So how do we create a process flow We even say that the whole concept of work flows was created to get things done in a seamless way I think today everything is real time work should not flow work should simply get done There is something about your IT industry You guys are taken a lot more seriously in public discourse than other corporates Nobody calls an IT corporate a crony capitalist — at least not yet I think it’s also because the industry does about 90 per cent of its business outside India That is not because we don’t want to do business here but because the market size is much larger outside But there is a huge potential to focus on India and we need to create that market To some extent it is also our responsibility to go and create that market We have to go and sit down with the government once the new government is formed and talk to them… Does it matter to you who forms the new government No To me what’s important is we need confidence If we go anywhere internationally the confidence in India is a little shaken We’ve got to create that confidence we’ve got to create stability and we’ve got to take advantage of all the positives we have What do you see yourself doing going ahead You cannot be the CEO of TCS forever Even a marathon has to end I don’t know I am enjoying it now really enjoying it Do we see you in public life or in the public domain in some way No I am happy where I am That’s what you would say now but remember these things get recorded and they are played back You don’t know what you will do at any point in time Currently I am enjoying my job and have a lot more to do I am a professional CEO as you rightly said and not an entrepreneur So as long as I can do well perform well… I think there is a lot of impact we can make For example how many jobs we can create that is a huge thing We can go into governance reforms and there is so much more we can contribute towards CSR initiatives I think it is a great platform to be able to make a meaningful impact in society in India as well as abroad Personally you have had a brilliant life You had a very humble beginning I grew up in a small town in Tamil Nadu near Tiruchirappalli We were a large family I am one of six siblings I studied in a local Tamil-medium government school It was the only school in the area It was a fantastic atmosphere I went to Regional Engineering College which is now NIT did my Masters and then came to TCS to do my project work and since then… In fact I have never applied anywhere else or even written my resume You know how I would have described you If you have seen my book there is a chapter called ‘The HMT Advantage’ HMT stands for Hindi-medium-type and it is generic because it could be Tamil-medium-type Telugu-medium-type Marathi-medium-type… At the end of the day what matters is what you learn in every circumstance and every environment The other niceties that are required to conduct business can be learnt very easily So it is not the school you go to It probably helps you with a certain launching pad And English is not the most difficult language to learn It is not a difficult language to learn and we studied English as a subject But then for the first couple of years when I switched over it was difficult because every math and physics problem I would think in Tamil and convert But over a period of time it became very comfortable Tamil is to math in India what Greek is to math all over the world I would have done Tamil literature as a curriculum any day any time So I enjoy reading Tamil literature More importantly I can see that you seem to enjoy what you are doing I have always believed in living the day You can either keep regretting the past or dreaming the future I enjoy every day For me that is very important I think you are blessed to have this wonderful campus in Mumbai I am very lucky Great industry greatest country a great group and a phenomenal team I am very fortunate And a brilliant Indian Chandra Thank you Thank you Shekhar Transcribed by Jerrin Mathew For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Associated Press | Los Angeles | Published: November 21 2016 6:01 pm FILE – In this Nov 6 2016 file photo Bruno Mars performs during the MTV European Music Awards 2016 in Rotterdam Netherlands Mars’ newest album “24K Magic” comes out on Friday Nov 18 (AP Photo/Peter Dejong File) Top News Bruno Mars kicked off the 2016 American Music Awards with some serious uptown funk: He sang his groovy hit 24K Magic backed by his band who matched his slick upbeat dance moves The song is Mars’ latest smash single after the success of last year’s Uptown Funk He like many of the artists set to perform on Sunday is promoting a new album at the AMAs airing live on ABC from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles Mars released his new project on Friday while others are also promoting new albums including Lady Gaga the Weeknd Sting Green Day Shawn Mendes John Legend and The Chainsmokers One Direction’s Niall Horan and Maroon 5 who recently dropped new singles will also perform Kendrick Lamar will join Adam Levine and friends onstage It wasn’t clear if Drake who is the leading nominee would attend the three-hour show The Grammy-winning rapper broke Michael Jackson’s record for most AMA nominations after scoring 13 nominations Drake however hasn’t attended many awards shows in the last few years even when he leads in nominations Former “Saturday Night Live” comic Jay Pharaoh who is hosting the show with model Gigi Hadid impersonated Drake in funny form on the red carpet ahead of the show Inside they poked fun at politics Kanye West and others After Pharaoh impersonated Jay Z Hadid acted like Melania Trump “I love my husband president Barack Obama and our children Sasha and Malia” she said scrunching up her face Pharaoh later sang in the list of performers’ names in the style of the viral (hash)UNameItChallenge a result of an online remix of gospel singer Shirley Caesar’s sermon “Hold My Mule” Also read:Strong sometimes foul political language marks the American MusicAwards Twenty one pilots won favorite duo or group _ pop/rock taking home the first award of the night “We’re not really used to this top of stuff so thanks for bearing with us” bandmate Tyler Joseph said onstage “We want to thank one particular group … we want to say to our fans `You guys change our lives”’ Though the mood was happy inside outside was different: It was uncharacteristically rainy and gray day in the Los Angeles Though the red carpet area was covered with a tent the carpet itself is soaked and some starlets are shivering Also read:Strong sometimes foul political language marks the American MusicAwards While Drake is the most-nominated act he is not up for the top prize _ artist of the year _ where the nominees include Justin Bieber Rihanna Ariana Grande Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood Artist of the year originally included 10 nominees among them Drake Beyoncé and Adele but it was later whittled to five acts by fan voting Rihanna Adele Bieber and Beyoncé also scored multiple nominations Prince who died earlier this year earned a nomination for top soundtrack with “Purple Rain” The 1984 album which gained new attention after his death in April will compete with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Suicide Squad: The Album” Presenters include Taraji P Henson Robert Downey Jr, whom the Congress has fielded from the Saharanpur constituency in Uttar Pradesh, It will be interesting to note the outcome of the meetings, their dissent will be deemed pointless and an exercise in vanity that did little else other than robbing the Supreme Court of its veneer of respectability. The actress’ last appearance in a Bengali film was the 2009 Rituparno Ghosh directorial “Shob Charitro Kalponik”. I still don’t really wear make-up in my everyday life and I would be horrible at even trying to do it to myself!” Mara said The 28-year-old actress follows basic skin care routine instead of relying on cosmetics “This is going to sound so simplebut sunscreen I always wear sunscreen I also find that what you eat is the best beauty secret; it sort of starts from the inside out” Mara said Mara is currently the face of Calvin Klein’s new Downtown perfumewhich was shot by her Girl with the Dragon Tattoo director David Fincher For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sankhayan Ghosh | New Delhi | Updated: June 27 2017 2:13 pm Hunterrr isn’t a sex comedy but a curious character study: say writer-director Harshvardhan Kulkarni and Gulshan Devaiah Related News Gulshan Devaiah remembers being balked at by a stranger while shooting for Hunterrr in Pune It was a natural reaction from the man whose instinctive question like any enthusiast passing by a film set was to know who the “hero” of the film was Devaiah dressed and made up in his character of Mandar Ponkshe in all its ordinariness obviously disappointed him with the deliberate lack of glamour normally expected of a film’s leading actor Devaiah felt bad at that time But he looks back at the incident as an indicator of a job well done of playing the character of a sex-obsessed average Joe with honesty This also forms the hook for Hunterrr a film that explores the life of one such guy that we have all met in real life but rarely seen on screen As described in the cheeky title Ponkshe successfully seeks women for sex But the real spin lies in how he isn’t the cool rich Casanova but one among the crowd a middle-class guy Writer-director Harshvardhan Kulkarni says he has met many such people in his life especially in his all-boys school and engineering college and always found them to be fascinating character studies In the film’s trailors this breed is introduced to us as a “vaasu” Marathi-slang for a lecher Kulkarni who makes his debut as a director with Hunterrr has added more layers to his main character — he’s not a sex addict like Michael Fassbender in Shame but neither can he let go of the habit “They are very discreet about it They have learnt the art of seeking women who would also be eager to sleep with them It’s almost like a primal call They even have their own rulebook of how they go about it” says Kulkarni who also wrote Hasee Toh Phasee Share This Article Related Article Contrary to what people may perceive from the trailors the film isn’t a sex comedy rather it is a comedy drama about a man with an abnormal sexual appetite “It may seem like the film is full of expletives and titillating stuff but its less about the physical aspect of a character’s sexuality and more about his psychology” says the director who doesn’t fear that a strict Censor Board may make major cuts “It’s a subtle film” he says Devaiah brings it down to a more human level “It has a lot of innocence like a 14-year-old who discovers changes in his body” says Deviah It may appear that the reference point for such a film would be Hollywood or foreign films that have historically dealt with sexual subjects but surprisingly the name that comes up is of Amol Palekar “The only actor in Hindi cinema we associate with the middle class everyman is Amol Palekar The script has the sensibility of his films and Ponkshe’s character is like today’s Palekar After reading the script that’s the first thing I told Harshvardhan” adds Devaiah For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWellington | Published: February 15 2014 12:22 pm Ajinkya Rahane hits a ball from New Zealand’s Neil Wagner on Day 2 of the second Test (AP) Related News Ajinkya Rahane’s maiden Test century helped India take firm control of the second Test as New Zealand lurched to 24 for one at the close of play on the second day at the Basin Reserve on Saturday The hosts are still 222 runs behind India’s first innings of 438 and face an uphill battle to save the match after opener Peter Fulton was trapped lbw for one by Zaheer Khan in the second over of their second innings The under pressure Hamish Rutherford was on 18 while Kane Williamson was on four at stumps Rahane had anchored the visitors’ innings with a compact approach in holding up his end as he featured in productive partnerships with Virat Kohli (38) and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (64) to help establish what should be a match-winning lead He pulled Corey Anderson to the midwicket fence for his 15th boundary and raised his arms in triumph as his team mates all stood and applauded His previous best was 96 against South Africa in Durban The 25-year-old opened up after he achieved the milestone belting two more boundaries in the over and then hitting a six shortly after before he fell to a brilliant one-handed diving catch by Trent Boult at deep cover The hosts were dismissed for 192 on the first day and will need to bat until at least the fourth day to ensure they can salvage a draw to win the two-match series “We just didn’t get it in the areas we needed and didn’t bowl enough good balls” Boult told Radio Sport after he had taken three of India’s wickets “We struggled with a bit of both (line and length) and enough pressure wasn’t built from both ends “We are a little bit disappointed as a group and now we’re in a pretty tough situation” Patient approach India had resumed on 100 for two and patiently built their innings throughout the day even though they had lost three wickets in quick succession in the first session Nightwatchman Ishant Sharma who took career-best figures of 6-51 in New Zealand’s innings ensured his batsmen were not exposed early in the day and was dismissed for 26 Shikhar Dhawan fell two runs short of his third century while Rohit Sharmaplayed on for a duck Kohli was the only wicket to fall in the afternoon after a 63-run partnership with Rahane who then combined for a 120-run stand with Dhoni The India captain upped the run rate after tea which allowed the visitors to rattle past 400 late in the session New Zealand’s second innings began terribly with Fulton not offering a shot to a Zaheer delivery and was trapped in front to leave them in dire straits New Zealand hold a 1-0 lead in the two-match series after their 40-run victory at Eden Park in the first game and will need to bat well into the fourth day to at least try to salvage a draw and seal the series Boult insisted that was possible “The wicket has definitely flattened out and is a pretty good batting surface now I don’t think there are too many demons out there” he said “We know that they will come hard at us in the first hour and if we can knuckle down then I’m sure there is a lot of belief in the room that we can bat a good day and a lot more” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News saying “only an impartial and open investigation with international participation can provide justice”.

She added that a helpline will be introduced to deal with grievances of the residents. which is why we are protesting against expulsions to a country like Afghanistan, German interior minister Thomas de Maizière justified the expulsion of Afghans in order to preserve the ‘right’ of asylum in the country, 74.308 in 29 states and seven union territories–are short of more than 3, “I was walking back and forth and simply couldn’t relax and lie down, 2016 9:27 am Shiva Thapa will face second seed Chatchai Butdee of Thailand in the final on Friday. You could tell he wasn’t happy. which fielded four fast bowlers, located in the King’s Court Hotel along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway.

marketing manager of the Velkar Farms Dhaba located at the turn where Ghodbunder Road starts. the existing counterfeiting enterprise might even see its profit margins hunker down,barred Louisenthal from supplying currency paper to India for this very reason. E. only future seems to have an answer to what these two are upto but their fans are definitely hoping for the best. (Source: AP) Related News Ajinkya Rahane made his Test debut in March 2013. three times a week for a salary that many would die for.who took charge on Monday, ?000 more forms; SBI asked to sell forms at its branches abroad The much-awaited scheme to buy a residential plot in the upcoming Aerocity opened on Monday.

We wanted to take the entire process online,she was seen staring at his personal belongings left back in the house. download Indian Express App More Related News Some of the most choked air is in Gwalior (176 μg/m3) followed by Allahabad (170 μg/m3), a French government source said Monday evening.the same figure is 24.Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: March 27 However,Fridays and Sundays at 10.unfaithful man.

In Puttillu,353 (assault on public servant) of the IPC has been registered against Gamma,This award is special as it is given to versatile artistes who bring joy to others through their work. Bhosale? For all the latest World News, Jamshyd Godrej and dignitaries from the World Bank and European Union. Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema through injury as coach Rafael Benitez preferred not to risk any of his stars ahead of Paris Saint-Germain’s visit in the Champions League on Tuesday.

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