Summer in full swing

first_imgColor abounds. (Gil Riley)Two old poppy soldiers standing tall even tho’ they are past their prime. (Gil Riley)The Shell Pink poppy is so frilly and dainty in its presentation. (Gil Riley)Poppies display their bright red color. (Gil Riley)Mountain Laurel displays a wide variety of shapes and colors as it blooms. (Gil Riley)Yellow-billed Cuckoo flying over the fields at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)Deer in the fields at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)Chestnut-sided Warbler at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)American Redstart at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)Eastern Bluebird male feeding young at nest box in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)Winter Wren at Hills Pond in Perkins Plantation. (Tom Oliver)Gray fox in Weld. (Dennis York)Gray fox. (Dennis York)A plump female cowbird. (Karen Dalot)A male cowbird. (Karen Dalot)A fawn. (Karen Dalot)A chipping sparrow. (Karen Dalot)A bumble bee. (Karen Dalot)Flapping our wings and chasing the kids. A parents work is never done. (Karen Dalot)Female rose breasted gross beak. (Karen Dalot)A chipmunk. (Karen Dalot)Baby geese running away. (Karen Dalot)I was delighted to see a fawn come out when we stopped to take pictures of a deer. (Karen Dalot)I noticed the markings on this butterfly is different. (Karen Dalot)I didn’t know I was in for a treat when seeing this deer. (Karen Dalot)Grackle. (Karen Dalot)Running by the Androscoggin River. (Karen Dalot)Reflections. (Karen Dalot)Momma and baby posing for a picture. (Karen Dalot)It was the first time I had one of these at the feeder. (Karen Dalot)This beautiful indigo bunting bird visited us. (Karen Dalot)They stayed right at the woodline but enjoyed the green grass. (Karen Dalot)They enjoyed playing in the grass. (Karen Dalot)Sharing the feeder. (Karen Dalot)This fawn was looking right at me. (Karen Dalot)Two chipping sparrows. (Karen Dalot)Yellow swallowtail butterfly. (Karen Dalot)Peonies are a royal flower that’s hard to beat. (Jane Knox)The season of roses begun. (Jane Knox)Sunrise, Parker Pond (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)“Good morning, Parker Pond!” Ring Billed Gull (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)Nesting female loon. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)last_img

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