“It is confirmed with the coronavirus that we work better together”

first_imgRooney has said that in the Premier, players have been used as “guinea pigs.” Has something like this happened in the League?No. AFE has been in permanent contact with all the institutions and from the first moment we knew what there is and we have worked well.Many alternative solutions are already being put on the table in order to finish the competition. Which one do you see more viable?Right now the most important thing for us is health. From there, the rest will come later. When it stabilizes we will see together. We don’t know any when this situation will last.There have already been cases of clubs that have communicated to their players that they must return to face-to-face training. How will AFE approach this problem?We advise soccer players not to go to the training place to work. It does not make sense that everyone is at home to stop this virus and footballers are going to start training in a group … Individual training can be done.This situation is novel. How does AFE deal with it when asked if there may be layoffs or obligations to go to training or to take vacations?Players have to do what their clubs tell them to. They are workers like any other. What we do ask is that all clubs ensure the health of athletes. There is no going back.If the championship is resumed and extended more than expected, there will be players who will no longer cover the contract they signed until June 30 … Have you thought of any measure to solve it?Not right now. Next week we will meet with the RFEF and LaLiga in the Monitoring Committee and we will see. It worries, but in the long term. Now let’s focus on health. We are in the first phase. It is that we do not know how many days the championship is going to stop altogether. To speak of futures is to speak too much.What are the next steps to be followed by AFE?Stop the virus. There are no more steps. But I already told you that the players want to play again as before and as soon as possible, and to return to normality at work. Footballers are happy playing and they want to play every game, be happy and help people. Now they know that responsibility is involved and then it will be their turn to compete again.It had been a long time since you saw so much union between institutions. Has the coronavirus linked LaLiga, RFEF and AFE?You are right. I always said so. I would love for us to have a closer relationship between everyone, between CSD, LaLiga, RFEF and AFE. All together we can fight problems and we have to be much more united and not only for these very serious problems. It has been confirmed that together we are a good team and we work better together. We must look for the general good and we are on the right track.At least we are going to get rid of all the RFEF elections …It would make perfect sense to be delayed. Now the important thing is health. It is a matter of common sense and you have to find logical solutions.How true is it that you traveled to Porto to convince Casillas to take the step to stand for election?I have a lot of relationship with Iker. I do not have anything to hide. Her parents are neighbors of my family in Boadilla and we have known each other for a long time. I went to see how he was because he is living a delicate personal situation. It hurts me that they want to get personal topics interested. I understand the curiosity, but I do not have a vote in the elections and AFE will always give the players the opportunity to decide what to do. Collected in his house in Madrid, like the rest of the responsible citizens, David Aganzo (Leganés, 1981) heeds the call from AS to analyze the coronavirus crisis that has paralyzed sport and which has already resulted in numerous infected footballers whom He represents from the union he presides over.First, how are you and your family?Fine, thank goodness, fine. The closest people are without symptoms, so I’m not complaining.He has been seen on television wearing a mask. Are you especially concerned?I have to take care of myself a little more because of a failure that I have from birth. I was born with a deficit of defenses and my immunity is lower than most. Let’s say that, unfortunately, I am a population at risk. It happened to me when I was playing. You have to be careful, monitor the level of vitamins, iron and such things. But come on, I’m fine.How does time kill at home? Maybe it gives us some idea …Teleworking, which for many is new. The little time we have left, because watching series and reading. We are not bored. And you have to do sports. At the moment, in three days I have not gained weight … I had already gained everything before (laughs).Did you think a few days ago that I was going to get so ugly?We already warned you. We were very concerned and made aware of the situation by the fact that we have a great relationship with the Italian footballers union (The president is his former partner in Levante, Damiano Tommassi) They already told us that at first it seemed like a simple virus but that very serious things were happening as we are now seeing in Spain. We are on alert, but we must have peace of mind. Hopefully soon it will lessen to the point of disappearing.There are already several cases of infection in Spanish football. Have you spoken to those affected?No the truth is no. I have not spoken directly to them. But we have been in contact with many soccer players, most of them captains of our soccer. Cases have come out, like all over the world. The virus makes no difference and we are all human. It is a global issue and not a sport. When we wrote the letter to the CSD, LaLiga and the RFEF to stop the competitions, we knew perfectly well what we were talking about, although, yes, not the level we are at. It seems like you still have to go through higher peaks, so calm down. We must be at home protecting ourselves.AFE was the first body to demand that the competition be suspended but it took a couple of days. Do you think it should have been done before?Yes. It could have been done before but we didn’t get anything out of looking back or blaming anyone. It is the point where we are. We all have to add and be responsible. You can’t play with people’s health.What do soccer players transmit to you when you talk to them?Concern. It is the first time this has happened to us and it is normal. There is a lot of uncertainty about training and contracts. We are trying to convey tranquility. The first thing is health and then we will see everything else. We await instructions from the Government for everything.While some companies lay off these days, do EREs and ERTEs, their union has many of its 10,000 members calling to inquire. They still have to be reinforced …The truth is that we do not stop. It is what it touches and it is our function. We are talking to everyone who requests it. We are asking for calm and that closeness with the changing rooms always exists because we have delegates from all over Spain to reach all the teams and categories. People are understanding that you have to train individually, not catch or catch it.last_img read more

Sevilla announce an ERTE in their teams

first_imgSevilla made public this Wednesday the ERTE which will be hosted by the break of the competition. Said ERTE will consist of a 70% reduction in the working day for both players and coaches of the first male and female squads and the quarry teams. The club wanted to publicly thank the willingness of its players to reach an agreement that will be finalized in the coming days.The statement also states that the members of the Board of Directors will “voluntarily” reduce the amount of their emoluments to contribute “to the entity’s economic viability and sustainability”. The ERTE of Seville will also affect 106 non-sports workers of the entity whose tasks cannot be carried out due to the restrictions of the state of alarm. TAll employees whose work can be continued through telework will not be affected by this measure.Official statement Given the current situation that Spanish society is going through, following the pandemic caused by the Covid-19, Sevilla FC is forced to take unwanted but necessary measures to face one of the most complicated moments in its 130 years of history, a situation never before experienced that requires the effort, sacrifice and commitment of all the members of the institution.As is public and notorious, the confinement and paralysis of sports activities, established by the Government when decreeing the state of alarm due to the Covid-19 health crisis, as well as the indefinite suspension of LaLiga and European competitions, It has substantially affected the main activity of the club. For this reason, the Board of Directors of Sevilla FC, in an exercise of responsibility, has decided to present this Tuesday, before the Andalusian Labor Authority, a file of temporary employment regulation (ERTE) due to force majeure, for the period that the decreed state of alarm lasts and the activity of this Club is affected.The ERTE will affect a total of 254 workers in the sports structure and 106 of the non-sports entity. Fundamentally, a reduction in the working hours of a part of the workforce is requested, suspending only those contracts directly linked to activities that cannot be carried out – not even partially – due to the confinement and restrictions decreed by the Government when declaring the state of alarm. Workers who can carry out their work through the telework modality will not be affected by the ERTE presented. Sevilla FC has duly informed all those affected, as well as the representation of the workers, making themselves available for any clarification and thanking them for their generous understanding and collaboration.In relation to professional teams, the ERTE will mean a reduction of 70% in the day of coaches and players, both for the first male and female teams, and for players and coaches from the youth team.In this sense, the board of directors would like to thank the first staff and the technical staff for their willingness that has made it possible to reach a broader agreement principle that will materialize in the coming days. All this, in order to close a global approach that will include the terms of their final participation in the joint economic effort that this situation requires. This effort, in turn, will go hand in hand with insurance and firm personal commitment, of paramount importance, in the face of the intense sporting sacrifice that the desired return to national and European competition will demand.Likewise, the members of the Board of Directors and the main executives will voluntarily reduce their emoluments, in order to, together, bear this serious situation and contribute to the entity’s economic viability and sustainability.On the other hand, Sevilla FC wants to convey its deepest condolences to the families who have lost loved ones in recent weeks, victims of the Covid-19, as well as applaud and highlight the exceptional work of the healthcare professionals, members of the bodies and security forces, and other essential workers – who are facing the pandemic at this critical moment that our country is going through. The gratitude of the Nervión entity towards these professionals will be eternal forever. Through public authorities, Sevilla FC will continue to collaborate actively to contribute its grain of sand in order to face the pandemic.Sevilla FC has experienced very tough situations that even threatened their survival. He has also suffered tragic and tragic moments… However, despite the hard setbacks he has received, he has always shown that he can overcome everything that comes his way. Sevilla FC is a way of life in which giving up is not an option, demonstrating that with passion and determination you can overcome the most arduous adversities and achieve great objectives.For this reason, the entity wants to convey a message of hope for the future, with the absolute conviction that the party that is playing against Covid-19 is going to win in complete safety thanks to the union of all the Spanish .Finally, Sevilla FC wants to send a message of encouragement and strength to all its subscribers and fans. Now more than ever, CHASTE and COURAGE to win this battle and look to the future.last_img read more

Pablo García insinuates that he fought with Míchel Salgado in Madrid

first_imgPablo Garcia Which? “Many are personal, which is not nice to say. Soccer, for example, I was in Osasuna and they offered me a contract for life. What I would like to win. And the Madrid thing came out. Barça also loved me with Rijkaard. I let myself go out of respect and because I always handled myself like that. I am aware that I spent a long time without a team, without playing, I played only in the national team, went to Atleti and I was not lucky enough to play… It always cost me everything. I had an agent, Casal, who would get me equipment here and here. The opportunity of Madrid came out. If I had to go back I would change many things, I don’t know if I would go to Madrid, I don’t know if I would sign that contract ”.How can you say that of Madrid? What happened to him there? “Sometimes it is not all rosy, it is not easy. I was a moment in Madrid, it was the last year of the phenomena, Zidane was retiring, Roberto Carlos was in the last, Raúl was in the last, Ronaldo, Beckham, Salgado, Helguera … It was not easy, they had won everything. It was not easy to play there, there was a lot of court to run and they had changed their coach. I remember that day that we were training and they were filming the Gol movie and the cameras were in training. And every day photos. I was not ready. I came from Osasuna, more people, more working people, more equipment, I had a good coach like Aguirre, we had the barbecue on Thursday… It cost me and I suffered, I didn’t enjoy it. I was with the best and it was an unforgettable experience, but it cost. ” “In Madrid it cost me and I suffered” Pablo García, Uruguayan who played for Real Madrid in the 2005-06 season, was interviewed on the program Last to the Bow, from Sport 380 and took stock of his career. The former midfielder, who has lived in Greece for eleven years, the country where he hung his boots, revealed that in his first training session at Real Madrid he had a confrontation with a player. He did not say the name but threw a clue: “It was right-back …”. The starting ‘2’ in that Real Madrid was Míchel Salgado …What are you doing: “I finished playing in Greece and I have been here for eleven years. I finished playing and spent a month or so working with a Dutch sports director who came to the team, but I realized that being in the office was not for me. I went as assistant coach to the PAOK U17 team, I liked it, we were champions. I liked to send myself, to be the first coach. They gave me a chance to grab the U19. The first year was difficult for me, not only because of the language but also because of the experience of having assistants with years in the academy and I was a player. There was that touch. But then I was lucky to find people I already knew in soccer. They helped me a lot. It’s something I really like, especially at this age, 18 or 19 years old. We have three championships in a row, two undefeated years and we are happy. I am lucky to do what I like. “Doesn’t it make you want to coach a team in Uruguay? “I want to go one step further and work with older people. Not to mention that it is in mind, there is a goal. I had the goal now to finish the job to get the UEFA A card to train the majors and with this from the coronavirus it is necessary to postpone until the summer. Of course, one wants to lead seniors. You never know what possibility. You are waiting for what is going to happen in the club. Directing a great any coach wants to direct. I am aware that there are many coaches prepared in Uruguay and they are waiting for an opportunity. It is not easy, but I never had anything easy. I’m used to setting a goal and working, working and working. “Does seeing Valverde in Madrid generate memories? “I am glad that there is a Uruguayan not only in Madrid but in great teams. Most of them came from downstairs and had a hard time getting there. I see Valverde more as an 8, back and forth, not as a central midfielder. I’m glad and the good thing is that he came young, I don’t want to compare, I arrived a little older. He is with all the strength and desire, I see it very well, he earned a position. Congratulate him and keep improving. ”Would you have liked to coincide with this new Uruguayan generation? “You cannot change anything. We have all made mistakes, bad decisions that now with experience you realize, but that’s it, there is no going back and you cannot regret anything. The main thing is that you do it with your heart and do what you feel. A few years less yes, to play with these players… Needless to say, to enjoy with these players, of course I would like to, although in my time there were also great players ”.In his career he had a great pleasure, having played for Madrid. What was missing in your career? “I dont know. I have made many bad decisions and bad times. Bad decisions are my fault. ” She came to Madrid with Diogo and he said it was not easy: “Reviewing the teams I was in, it always cost me the first year. Also at Osasuna, at Celta … The first year was difficult. And a large team does not wait. If you don’t put on your shirt and play on Sunday, they leave you aside and don’t wait for anyone. You have to come and respond. There are many factors that influence ”.How was Zidane: “I agree with Montero, he was a simple person, very difficult to raise his voice for something, always smiling, humble. So when I had to be in Milan, with Maldini… Those people, those great players are the simplest people there is. ”Did they make a vacuum in Madrid’s dressing room? “It was difficult to enter the group, they already had their age group, winners. Beckham was there with another English and he didn’t speak Spanish. Then another group of the Spanish. There were small groups and it was difficult to enter. I had played in Osasuna and had had friction in a game with one of Madrid and the first day I had problems with a player. He made an ugly gesture at me. It was the first day I arrived. Not make me respect but I had to fight and everything calmed down. “On the first day he had to fight: “Unfortunately this is the case, not like in Osasuna, when I arrived the group was united and they took me with them. They made me feel at home. And it cost more ”.Who was he with who had that confrontation in that locker room? “I’m not going to give you names. Right back was … (laughs) Things that happen. “Defeat against Barça on the day of applause for Ronaldinho: “It was a very difficult match. I had returned with the team, had traveled 24 hours, I arrived in Madrid, I had hardly slept. I go to breakfast at eight in the morning. And I come and see the coach, in Luxembourg, having breakfast. And I say: “Are you screwed up, Brazilian?” And he says: “Yes, a little bit.” It was a difficult match. Messi was starting. I didn’t make a bad match. “last_img read more

Setién: “With this logic, Barça should be the champion”

first_imgThat luck influences is clear. We already saw how Tottenham got into it. It is true that you can win the Champions by being lucky. And this is so. It is a little sad sometimes to feel that nothing but the result is seen. But the result sometimes does not compensate me.Messi said that this is not the way to win the Champions League. You say yes.You have to understand why he said it. He said it because there are eight teams that can take it away, and now that Liverpool is gone, anyone can take it away. He wants to win it with authority and playing well.Neymar. Would you like me to come back?Pff. All the great soccer players, how can I not like them? And Neymar is one of them. But as things are, you have to consider what is possible and what is not possible. We know that these footballers cost a lot of money and that it is not easy to bring them.Does Griezmann fit if Lautaro arrives?He does not usually think long term, I focus on the short because it is what worries me. It is true that there is a lot of speculation in the media, but I try not to be influenced. It is too early because there are uncertainties.Who would be better for Barça, Lautaro or Neymar?Both of them, because they are good soccer players.Do you have Coutinho?He is a great footballer and I have always liked him. But it is too soon. There are things to deal with.Does the board have Coutinho?It has all the players that are theirs.Would you sign Joaquín, from Betis?Joaquín could do us good for many things. He is an extraordinary kid. Full of vitality.Have you been ashamed of what is happening at Barça?I have lived with many clubs that have experienced difficulties. It is true that in other places the repercussion of these problems is cared for and here you see that everything is broadcast and this is a problem. In a place like this it is normal. What is not normal is that it comes out and you have to find a way to take care of it.Will Bartomeu finish the year he has left?Hope so. It’s the president who signed me, I’m talking to him. And not only me, but also the players. We accept Bartomeu’s explanations and we believe it. At least I.Are you going to try to convince Rakitic to follow or have you cycled?All the players who are at Barça are liable to follow. And sometimes it is so. I have no information that Rakitic wants to leave the club and he has not transmitted that to me. And with me he has played a lot and can continue doing it. I am happy with its performance and have nothing to say. We have to wait to see what happens and if he wants to leave or not. And if I have to say it, the time will come.How many players of the branch will they have?I have not been completely convinced to play more than they have. We are training with all those who we believe can take that step but we have not found the opportunity to fit them in.What would you recommend to Riqui Puig?Well, it hasn’t been decided. He is a great footballer but he needs his time. Today was a cover in a newspaper claiming that he was an extraordinary player. And it is. But with many players we are conditioning them. Because failure to meet expectations can be a serious problem. I’m not hesitant about putting kids up. And if I see one that is better, I will put it on even if I have a problem in the locker room. And I have done it in Seville. I am not doubtful in this nor am I afraid.Does Messi have?Of course. What I hope is that he continues to count on me. We goDo you have a fetish player?I, like Del Bosque, in Busquets. He is an extraordinary, committed player and you would be struck by the physical records he gives to a player who is a veteran. I am amazed.What do they say to him on the street?Nobody has complained to me on the street. I am happy with what we are seeing. Quique Setién has given an interview to ‘El Larguero’ in which he has talked about the current situation of Barcelona in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, of the stopped competitions, of all this time since he joined the Blaugrana club … Do you think that it will be played soon or that it will not be played?One thing is what I would like and another is reality. I would like to return as soon as possible to avoid the greatest possible damage to football, but the reality is that we are experiencing a serious matter and that, if we are to return, it must be with all the guarantees. That we will not stop again and that will be difficult until the vaccine appears.And it will be without an audience.It will almost certainly be so. There will be no other remedy until the vaccine appears. But the reality is that we all want to play, even if it is behind closed doors and it is a bit sad.What do you think of the FEF’s decision to fill European positions?Well, it should be so because those of us who are there are the ones who have made the most merit. It would be the most logical.And the logical thing is that Barça was the champion?Well, obviously, it would be logical. But it could be another team. I would not like to be champion in this way. It will be a championship that I will not celebrate in this way.Are you watching a lot of soccer and talking to the players?When we arrived we had to compete every week. Now you can explain more. Some are trembling thinking that we can spend a month watching games.How would you see the issue of mass testing?I suppose we would accept it if it were the only solution. And even if we don’t like it. But it is tremendously rigorous. I have read it, and it will require a lot of care. Behind us there will have to be many people so that there are no problems when we start.What would you say of your Barça after the time you have been in?I would say that there have been times when we have played very well, but we have lacked continuity.Can Barça pressure put the style into the background?There is an answer to that question. Ernesto has done things very well, but we have changed some things. Like going to steal with more intensity. We have thought that it is better to run five or ten meters forward than sixty backwards. And we also wanted to have more the ball. We have data. But we need to have continuity and get concepts from all the players.Don’t you think you’re being a minor cruyffista?You have a broader vision of my work at Betis. But at Betis at the beginning we had our difficulties. There are players who have not lived Cruyff.Who called you?I dont know. My agent told me that Eric or Oscar. Days before I was about to go to EgyptWould you have trained Barça for free?Surely. Man, free either. You have to value yourself and you know that Barça can pay.And didn’t it bother you to be third or fourth option?No, because I am humble. I assert myself because I think I am worth but I am humble.Xavi has said that he is training BarçaHopefully he will come and do it very well because I have admired Xavi and all the great footballers. It is true that, then, the difference between playing and training in a team is not the same. But it is normal that I feel like it.Do you agree with Madrid’s historical luck as Xavi said?last_img read more

Palop: “If LaLiga did not return, it would give the season as null”

first_imgAndrés Palop (L’Alcudia, 1973) gave joy to the world of soccer when he published on his Instagram on April 14 that overcome the coronavirus. The exvalencianista and exsevillista was 12 days admitted and 17 days of isolation, and only the concern of having infected his relatives equaled the discomfort that the illness made him feel. Fortunately his family never showed symptoms, although he admits that “he does not know” if he infected them because they could not do the test.Your return home coincides with the start of football clubs and although he is a supporter of resume LaLiga as long as the health allow, acknowledges that he sees “very difficult” that the 2019/2020 season can be closed. In fact, as you tell ACE, he has “very, very clear” that he would give “the season by null“ How are you after all the process you have been through going through COVID-19?Well, I’m fine now. I came out of the infection situation and after having been in hospital for 12 days and 17 days in isolation, when I came out I was fully recovered and without symptoms, which reassures me. I am going to live a normal life, but following all the precautions until they give us concrete, real and tested data, I am going to be very careful.In other words, he will have run a little bit …In fact, today was the first day I went out. Since they gave me a free Sunday to go out, I had stayed at home, but today I needed it. I was out early enough to avoid people and I walked around for a while.Going outside will have been a relief after having experienced the coronavirus in the first person. When do you think you got it?I noticed the first symptoms eight days after being in Barcelona, ​​it was not difficult to identify, possibly in the EuroMed returning home I became infected, it is the greatest suspicion I have.Come back from Barcelona, ​​notice the symptoms and the hospital …Yes, I arrived and there were quite a few people like me, with symptoms. After waiting about 35 minutes they made me an X-ray plate and I had to wait in the box for about an hour and a half for them to tell me the results. “I would give the season for nothing, in eleven days everything can happen, look at Getafe last year, the entire season in Champions and in the end that place went to Valencia.” Why did he not say anything when he suffered from the disease, but published on networks that he had overcome it?I decided not to say anything to anyone that I had the disease to avoid worrying my close ones, I think that when they found out that I had overcome it they took it as good news and I spared them the worry they would have had to know when I was sick. The publication was to thank all the doctors who had taken care of me for the treatment received and also to try to reassure all those people who are ill, that this can be overcome.Already talking about football. How do you see the possible return of LaLiga? Within the Valencia dressing room, for example, some are more favorable and others more reticent …I see it difficult, very difficult. I would love that each team could reach the teams it is pursuing but the situation is what it is. The truth is that the measures taken are correct, the lack of confinement is also accelerating and there is more and more freedom, which is a good fact, but we cannot relax. Football is going down that line, accelerating but we still have to be very careful. There is still a month and in a month everything can happen, but what I am clear about is that LaLiga must be ended but not at any price. The first thing is the health of people and players.In soccer the main thing is the players, but financially it moves much more …Yes, you have to put yourself a little in the shoes of the sponsors and all those people who live from activities related to soccer, so if the measures work, LaLiga must end, if the Spanish economy starts and everything is in order, soccer you should not be left out. But as I say, health is the first thing and if the competition were to resume and contagions started again, drastic action would have to be taken.Within the unjust, if you cannot finish LaLiga, what would you do?I have it very clear, I would give the season as null and the next would start as we finished last year. It is an unfair measure, but we are in a situation of greater cause and we cannot do anything. It is true that three quarters of competition have been played and that many teams can believe that they have made merits to get the place they have today, but how many teams have risen or fallen places in eleven days? Look at Getafe last year, almost all year in the Champions League and in the last two days that place went to Valencia. “It was shocking to hear the nurses talk about people admitted to the ICU who had not awakened for 12 days” Ascents and descents?Neither champion and that all the teams kept the category they are in, no one would be excessively harmed or benefited.What is clear is that football with fans will take time to return, something that will affect all clubs, but perhaps a little more to entities such as Seville and Valencia whose stadiums are famous for how their people squeeze.Yes, it is true that these two stadiums – without detracting from the rest – intimidates the opponents. But in any case, what this is going to do is equalize the tables and that all the teams play on equal terms. I think the key is going to be that the templates can get all their talent, the quality of the templates is going to be the key. Palop on the resumption of LaLigacenter_img I suppose in that hour and a half everything would go through his mind. Palop on the resumption of LaLiga Palop on his stage entered by Coronavirus Yes, I was worried about staying in, but especially about my family.But his family was not infected, right?No, it was the great weight that I had on me because I had been with them when I was infected. Maybe I gave it to them but they have been asymptomatic, when we can do the tests we will find out.How is the disease experienced from within the hospital?Well, I was not in the ICU but just listening to the nurses was shocking, you heard them talk about people who had become ill and who after 12 days still did not wake up. They were quite complicated days, especially the first week where I could not even move and in which I only spun my head for fear that it would get worse, because the doctors made it clear to me that if I continued like this I would stay in the room But soon after it got worse they would take me to the ICU and intubate me.The day he published on networks that he had gone through the disease, I suppose his phone would smoke …Yes, it was very nice to see that so many people cared about me. From ex-teammates from Valencia and Seville to managers from Valencia, Villarreal etc. “If football were to resume and there were infections, I think drastic measures would have to be taken.”last_img read more

Federer surprises a nurse: “You are a heroine”

first_imgElegant on and off the courtroom, Roger Federer is at all times able to make folks completely happy on each fronts. Throughout this era of confinement because of the COVID-19 pandemic He has supported numerous solidarity causes and has additionally been involved in regards to the destiny of different tennis gamers much less lucky than himself.Sunday, coinciding with Mom’s Day, which was celebrated on Could 10, amongst different locations, in america, The Swiss stunned a nurse that it’s going to take her a very long time to overlook. Christianne Calderon, healthcare practitioner who works on the entrance strains of the struggle in opposition to coronavirus in a New York hospital, was being interviewed on the ESPN Sports activities Middle program when Federer joined the videoconference: “How are you?” Roger requested him. “My God, trembling,” replied the nurse, a nice tennis fan. “Everybody thinks that we athletes are superheroes. However we predict the identical of individuals such as you. Since you actually save lives, you make a distinction. I want you all one of the best, “mentioned the winner of 20 Grand Slams. However there was no shock there for Calderon, as a result of later the ex-New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning additionally intervened to thank him additionally for his work. “Joyful Mom’s Day and honest thanks for being on the entrance line. That lack of selfishness is what defines a hero. We love you. “An unforgettable day for Christianne. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeEuXQ4CxnI [/ embed]last_img read more

Ffriend guilty again, will appeal

first_imgJamaican basketball player Kimani Ffriend was once again found guilty of vehicular manslaughter in a Serbian Court yesterday. Ffriend, now 36, was being retried on the charge of being responsible for the death of Nevena Dragutinovic, a 30-year-old account executive, on November 3, 2012. He was first found guilty of the charge in September 2014 for the woman’s death and sentenced to serve three years in prison. However, an appeals court ordered a retrial, citing several mistakes made by the presiding judge. Ffriend, who has five months left on his sentence, will once again appeal the verdict, and this time, the appellate court’s decision will be the final verdict in the case. He will remain free until the appellate court makes its decision. FINAL APPEAL A date for the final appeal will be determined once the judge submits a written verdict explaining her latest decision, including why she chose to ignore the court-appointed expert’s testimony that, having reconstructed the scene of the incident, that the Jamaican’s explanation was plausible and that it was possible that he was not guilty. The judge had based her initial guilty verdict on the expert witness’ testimony, but this time chose to ignore it. “It’s just sad, man. It feels like somebody just took the air out of me,” said Ffriend in reaction to the verdict. However, he remains hopeful, as his lawyers have said that they now have a stronger case to take to the appeals court. During the first appeal, the court ruled that there were six mistakes that needed to be addressed during the retrial, and even suggested that the scene of the incident be reconstructed. During the retrial, the scene of the incident was reconstructed, during which Ffriend testified about what occurred on that fateful night three years ago. The court-appointed expert testified on his new findings, which corroborated with the Jamaican’s testimony, but the judge chose to ignore the new information he provided to the court. She claimed that she would not accept the verdict of the expert, as he had changed portions of his testimony from the first trial and that she was not obligated to accept his findings. In her opinion, Ffriend was guilty. – Leighton Levylast_img read more

Megatron, Dr Banner for Mercury Sprint

first_imgThe three-year-old campaign leading up to the season’s first classic continues at Caymanas Park today, with the Mercury Sprint for native bred maiden three-year-old colts and geldings over the straight taking the spotlight. The race, which has been divided into two sections, follows on the heels of the Eight Thirty Sprint for the fillies last Saturday, which saw the highly-fancied debutante DANCING QUEEN and odds on favourite POISON GAS winning their respective divisions in contrasting fashion. Division one of the Mercury Sprint has attracted 12 starters and indications are that first-time runners MEGATRON and BOLD SYMPHONY, to be ridden by champion jockey Shane Ellis and Orlando Foster, respectively, will fight out the finish. Both have looked well forward at exercise in preparation for the race, especially the Anthony ‘Baba’ Nunes-trained MEGATRON. The roan colt by Seeking The Gold out of the Slick Trick mare Chikiney looked real sharp at exercise last Saturday morning, galloping from the gates in 1:00.0, the last three in 46.1, beating stable-companion LITTLEMISSEMMY, who is no slouch, quite easily. A week before that he clocked 1;00.1 and with his preparation complete, gets the nod over the Philip Feanny-trained BOLD SYMPHONY, a bay colt by Image Maker out of Tejano Symphony, who galloped from the gates in 1:00.4 last Saturday morning as well, the last three in 46.1. So it’s MEGATRON to win from BOLD SYMPHONY and the Wayne DaCosta-trained LITTLE BIG HORN, who has shown promise in two of his three starts to date. Division two looks tailored for the Feanny-trained newcomer DR BANNER, with Oneil Mullings aboard. The chestnut colt by Adore The Gold out of the Schism mare Deja Vu caught the eye at exercise recently when clocking 1:01.0 out of the straight. Having secured a favourable high number draw in another 12-horse field, DR BANNER should lead home Gary Subratie’s NOLAN HILL, who ran well on his recent debut over the round course when chasing home CRUISING MOTION, and returns with Lasix administered. Other firm fancies on the 10-race card are SOUTHERN CRUISE in the opening race over 1400 metres, NUCLEAR AFFAIR in the third, EL CLIENTE in the fourth, TURBO MACHINE CAT in the fifth and STORMING in the ninth.last_img read more

Ja’s Davis too tough for young American

first_imgJamaica’s Tsetsi Davis, one of the favourites to take the 2016 version of the Wray and Nephew Contender title, had an easy first fight, on Wednesday night, as he completely overwhelmed his young American opponent Courtney McCleave in their five round fight at the Chinese Benevolent Association auditorium.     McCleave’s corner threw in the towel at two minutes and 10 seconds of round four. McCleave, who is 21 years old, and has been a professional boxer for only a year, showed his inexperience  right  from the start of the fight. He really looked like a boxer with only three previous fights, two of which he lost, and his record is now one victory and three losses. Davis, who now has a 15-4 record,  had won the three previous rounds easily and seemed to be on the brink of a knockout victory when McCleave’s corner threw a towel in the ring to signal to referee Ransford Burton, that their fighter was in no condition to continue. It was the right decision for them to make, as McCleave would just have been  beaten up badly and knocked out, if the fight had continued. Davis, who last fought on July 1 last year, when he dropped a majority decision to Richard Holmes, showed that he was in need of a fight. He stalked McCleave  from the opening bell, but  missed with several  punches that were thrown to his opponent’s head. His timing was badly off and he would have been better served if he had tried to build up his attacks behind his jab. McCleave showed some boxing skills as he tried to score points with his jabs, but these were tentative and had no muscle behind them.  A few landed to Davis’ head and body but had no visible effect on him and certainly did not dissuade him from coming in. After repeatedly missing with punches to the head, Davis changed strategy and made the body his target, and this paid dividends, as McCleave was definitely hurt a few times.  He increased the pressure each round and after round three it was clear that the fight would not  last much longer.  Davis stepped up the pace at the start of this round,  and his hooks to the body made McCleave wince in pain. His corner saw what was happening and correctly gave the signal to the referee that their fighter had had enough. Davis now moves on the quarter-finals, where he will certainly get better opposition. He has a lot of work to do in the meantime, however, as his conditioning seemed suspect. He is, however, one step closer to the first prize of $2-million and the title that has eluded him over the years. In the amateur bouts that preceded the main event,  Raheim Pitter from Boys’ Town scored a first round technical knockout victory over Shaquille O’Neil from Sugar Olympic gym, while Joshua Forrest-Davidson from Seaview Gardens gym had a similar second round victory over Joel Wedderburn from the St. Thomas Boxing Club.last_img read more

Big day for RSPL’s cellar dwellers

first_imgThe possession of the worst record over the last five games in the Red Stripe Premier League could seriously cost one of the more storied clubs in local football when the final whistles are blown today to signal the end of the 2015/2016 Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) regular season. Four losses in the last five games including three successive ones over the last three games and the only other result being a draw means that Cavalier have attempted the tragic act of committing suicide. Only a miracle or a lack of interest in the proceedings by their opponents, Tivoli Gardens who have very little to play for, could save them. With two teams set to be relegated the lower leagues today, Cavalier, who just weeks ago were in with a chance, albeit slim, of finishing in the top four now find themselves the second least likely team to survive of the four that could go down. Of the four the favourites tag still belongs to Waterhouse who have basically made the relegation zone their residence more most of the season. Waterhouse have shown fight of late and with a victory over Boys’ Town today could end up on a maximum 34 points, one above the total currently held by both Cavalier and Rivoli. Their survival therefore depends on the loss of both teams and in the event of a Rivoli draw Waterhouse would have to win by at least five clear goals – improbable. Cavalier can end the season with a maximum 36 points and stay up but would have to beat Tivoli Gardens and see Rivoli lose to Humble Lion or Reno lose to UWI FC. The University team still has chance of being on the right side of another decision to be made today that of the fourth semi-finalists and they will not give up that fight easily even though Reno will be at home. That situation makes Cavalier’s task much tougher.  Today’s games 3:30 p.m: Portmore United vs Arnett Gardens – Juici Park, Clarendon 3:30 p.m: Montego Bay United vs Harbour View – Montego Bay Sports Complex 3:30 p.m:  Reno vs UWI FC – Frome Complex 3:30 p.m: Humble Lion vs  Rivoli United F – Effortville Community Centre 3:30pm Tivoli Gardens United vs Cavalier – Edward Seaga Stadium 3:30 p.m: Waterhouse vs Boys’ Town – Drewsland Stadium Points standing                         P         W        D         L     GF       GA      GD      Pts    Portmore                    32       18         7       7         41      26        15       61      Arnett                         32       17         6        9        46       28       18       57  MoBay United            32       15        11      6         51       26       25       56 Humble Lion FC        32       12          11       9       28      27        1         47 UWI FC                     32      12           10     10       37      40       -3         46      H.View                        32      10           13       9       39      32        7        43     Tivoli                                 32        11              7        14        38        40         -2          40 Boys’ Town                 32      10          8        14      35       49      -14       38    Reno                            32        7          13      12       34      52      -18        34  Rivoli                           32       8           9       15        38      45        -7       33 Cavalier SC                 32       8           9       15        24       35       -11      33 Waterhouse                 32       7          10      15       29        40      -11       31last_img read more