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OmniTrax backs away from controversial plan to ship crude oil via Hudson

WINNIPEG — A rail company is putting the brakes on a controversial plan to haul millions of litres of crude oil across its northern rail line to the port of Churchill on Hudson Bay.Omnitrax Canada president Merv Tweed said the company, which operates the port in Manitoba, is expecting another record shipping season from grain and other commodities. That has shifted the company’s focus away from shipping crude oil, he said.“We’ve got a glut of grain on the market,” Tweed said Friday. “It looks like another great crop. We increased our volume last year. Our targets are higher this year and they’ll be higher again next year. I think it’s important that we focus on the grain side of it. That’s the direction that we’ve chosen.”Omnitrax had argued the plan to transport oil across hundreds of kilometres of remote rail line built on permafrost was safe and would help create much-needed jobs in the North. But the proposal was vehemently opposed by aboriginal groups, environmentalists and the government of Manitoba.Community consultations were “important factors” in the company’s decision to back away from the plan, Tweed said.“We listened to them. I share some of their concerns,” he said. “I’m not saying we can’t do it. I’m just saying right now, as the president of a company that’s looking to grow, we need to focus on the grain market.”The northern rail line has been plagued by derailments that have intermittently forced the suspension of both freight and passenger services. That bolstered the argument among detractors that shipping oil along the rail line was too risky to the environment and the safety of those who live in the region.The most recent figures from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada show there were 63 accidents on the Hudson Bay rail line between 2003 and 2012. All but 10 were derailments.Eric Reder with the Manitoba Wilderness Committee said Omnitrax has made the right decision. The rail line is bent and crooked because of the challenging terrain it covers, he said.“Trying to keep this train track straight is an incredible undertaking,” Reder said. “It’s hard to imagine that there could be a worse track to ship crude oil on.”The plan meant those living near the rail line would assume a huge risk with little benefit, he said. Cleaning up a derailed grain car is one thing but cleaning up a crude oil spill is quite another, Reder suggested.“When there is a grain spill, the grain is on the ground, but it doesn’t leave a mess and it doesn’t stay there for generations.” While Tweed said Omnitrax will look at other ways to diversify its shipments by possibly including potash and wood pellets, Reder said legislation banning the shipment of oil through northern Manitoba is the only way to guarantee the plan doesn’t get resurrected.Transportation Minister Steve Ashton had said Manitoba couldn’t support the plan in light of the deadly derailment in Lac Megantic last year. Any spill would jeopardize the livelihoods of aboriginal communities, pose a huge risk to wildlife and threaten tourism in Churchill, he said last year.Churchill, known as the “polar bear capital of the world,” is an eco-tourism destination for polar bear, beluga whale and bird watching. Ashton was not available Friday to comment on Omnitrax’s decision.“We have opposed shipping oil through the port of Churchill for environmental and rail safety reasons,” said Jodee Mason, a cabinet spokeswoman. “We believe that Omnitrax is making the correct decision by suspending their efforts to ship oil.” read more

Magna stock dives after it cuts outlook over tariffs trade uncertainty

AURORA, Ont. — Magna International Inc. has lowered its expectations for the second half of 2018 amid uncertainty surrounding tariffs and trade negotiations between the United States and other countries, including Canada and China.Magna’s stock was down more than seven per cent in morning trading.Canada’s largest auto parts maker has edged down its full-year estimates for sales, margins and other key metrics but Magna chief executive Don Walker told analysts Wednesday that it’s difficult to know what will happen longer-term.“As far as what’s going on with all of the tariff activity, it’s certainly in flux. Internally, it’s extremely complicated to just get our arms around everything,” Walker said in a quarterly conference call.Magna now estimates that its total sales will be in a range of $40.3 billion to $42.5 billion, down about 1.4 per cent from the previous outlook range.Adjusted net income attributable to Magna is now estimated at $2.3 billion to $2.5 billion, down $100 million from both the top end and lower end of the range.Meanwhile, pre-tax margin is now estimated at between 7.7 per cent and 7.9 per cent — down from 7.9 per cent and 8.2 per cent.“As far as what happens with tariffs long-term, it’s anybody’s best guess,” Walker said.“I would hope that eventually we will get to the point where we have got an agreement on NAFTA — in which case I think everything between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico gets resolved.”The United States has already imposed 25 per cent tariffs on imported steel and 10 per cent tariffs on imported aluminum from many countries — increasing costs for manufacturers like Magna that use the metals in their products — and is investigating the potential for new tariffs on automotive imports.In addition to those tariffs, which affect NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico, the United States has threatened to hit a wide range of imports from China with billions of dollars of tariffs.On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced it would go ahead with previously announced 25 per cent tariffs on an additional $16 billion of Chinese imports. There was no immediate response from Beijing.Washington also has threatened possible penalties on a $200 billion list of Chinese goods. Beijing says it is ready to retaliate against $60 billion of American imports.Magna — which has manufacturing operations in all three NAFTA countries, China and throughout Europe, recorded $626 million in net income during the second quarter, or $1.77 in diluted earnings per share, with overall revenue up $1.14 billion from the same time last year to $10.28 billion — a record second quarter for Magna.The Aurora, Ont., auto parts maker, which keeps its books in U.S. dollars, says the figures are an improvement from $548 million in net income and $1.44 per share in the same quarter of 2017.Magna said its per-share earnings benefited from several factors including U.S. tax reforms and the favourable impact of a reduced share count.Adjusted diluted earnings per share grew 15 per cent to $1.67 compared to $1.45 in the second quarter of 2017. Magna says it returned $844 million to shareholders through repurchases and dividends.Magna also reports that sales during the quarter amounted to $10.28 billion, an increase of 12 per cent over 2017 thanks to growth in each of its operating segments.Magna says its light vehicle production increased seven per cent in Europe and was essentially unchanged in North America. read more

UN Population fund to help set up health posts for Togolese refugees

Over 60 per cent of the refugees are women, young people and children under five, and many of them suffer from malnutrition: about 10 per cent of the women are of child-bearing age. Aimed mostly at meeting the needs of women, the health posts will be established in addition to supplementary food and vaccination programs that are already in operation.Any displaced person who has been removed from his or her normal environment automatically becomes vulnerable,” said Fidelis Zama Chi, UNFPA Representative in Togo. “Many have shattered lives and have lost family – a child losing a parent or a wife losing a husband. Some are victims of sexual abuse. Their lives must be rebuilt.” About 200 refugees continue to make their way into Benin every week, said the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Maternity health kits, insecticide-treated mosquito nets, soap and other supplies have been provided by UNFPA to the camps, as well as facilities and midwives for pregnant women and for childbirth established at nearby health centres. Sensitivity training support is being provided to non governmental organisations (NGOs) for workshops aimed at preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Psychosocial counselling will be provided through a collaboration among the Togolese Government, NGOs and UNFPA to assist women in dealing with the loss of their homes, ways of life, and sometimes family members. To that end, 109 counsellors most of them from NGOs were trained by July. read more

If you stand in front of the mirror with a pink tie

first_img Share16 Tweet Email1 Ted Walsh: hugely respected voice of Irish racing. ‘If you stand in front of the mirror with a pink tie and a black shirt and you think you look well – you can’t coach him’ Ted Walsh and Patrick Mullins sat down with The42 for an extensive chat about coaching, Christy Ring and life ahead of the Cheltenham Festival. Mar 12th 2019, 9:23 AM 1 Comment Image: James Crombie/INPHO Ted Walsh: hugely respected voice of Irish racing. Image: James Crombie/INPHO 30,981 Views center_img Tuesday 12 Mar 2019, 11:30 AM By Brendan Coffey “I’VE LOADS OF blind spots,” says Ted Walsh from the comfort of his living room. “I get angry very easy. I say too much most times. Mouthy. My father was quiet as a mouse. Mother too. I would always be strong enough to voice my opinion.”Patrick Mullins interrupts as if sensing the need to provide Walsh a measure of reassurance.“I think that’s what makes Ted good on TV because I respect his opinion and he’s not afraid to say what he thinks,” the younger man offers. “A lot of time on TV and in writing, people say a lot without saying anything. You need someone who is not afraid to give their opinion and he has the experience to back it up.”At first glance they might not seem like men given to much introspection. Theirs is a macho world in which brave men and women take hard falls and expect to return to the saddle sooner than nature would allow. But these are far from ordinary horsemen.Among the general public, Walsh is probably best known for his television punditry. In the racing community his status has long been assured. As the pre-eminent amateur jockey of his era Walsh set the bar. That he went on to train a Grand National winner only cemented his standing in the game.“Trainers don’t retire, they just die,” Walsh told Eamon Dunphy in an interview for his podcast, The Stand. Taken at face value those words fog the picture of his profession, suggesting something akin to addiction when really it is an astute and profound description of what it means to lead a vocational life. Regular hours and work time directives do not apply. It is only when trainers have no more living left that they finally stop. A life lived within racing cannot be lived without it.Walsh has 68 years on the board and if not in the winter of his career is at least feeling the early evening chill. At 29, Patrick Mullins continues to blossom. Son of Willie, the greatest trainer of his, and perhaps every, generation, he has steadily grown in stature, no longer heir apparent and firmly established in his own right as one of the game’s leading lights. Regardless of what has been inherited, his cultivating a record number of winners as an amateur in the saddle puts him in elite company, seizing a mantle previously occupied by Walsh, the man now sitting beside him on the couch.“It was a bonus for me to be as successful as I was,” says Walsh reflecting on an amateur career that was the best of his time, and all time, until Mullins arrived on the scene. “He [Patrick] had a lot more pressure. Like Willie was champion amateur and a successful trainer. No one expected Patrick to be as good as he is but at the same time if he was a fail, it would have been a bigger thing. It would be said: ‘He’s not a bit like his father.’ Instead he’s a superior rider to his dad, in every way. Willie was as good as it gets at that time but he’s [Patrick] brought it to another level. Patrick is as disciplined and as professional as you could get as an amateur.”Such praise does not come lightly. Outspoken and often disliked for it but astute and quick-witted and so much loved for that, Walsh owns a bespoke collection of verdicts, assessments and views, and delivers them on time, every time. Walsh is clearcut and as fluent now with words as he was with Hilly Way over fences. That win in the Champion Chase of 1979 remains the most notable victory of his race-riding career but the man sitting beside him has scrubbed most of his records from the board. Mullins eclipsed Walsh in July, 2018 when notching the 546th winner of a career that may not yet have reached its peak.“When I see so many of my friends struggling to get the dream that I’ve been lucky enough to get, it’s very easy to see the luck and opportunity,” says Mullins dismissing the notion of him as an uncommonly self-aware young man. “It’s not a weight on my shoulders but I want to win! I want to win as much as I can. To me anyone who competes wants to do that.”Names of those less fortunate than him quickly come to mind. He shares a house with fellow riders Richie Deegan, Brian Hayes and Rachael Blackmore.“Look at Rachael Blackmore,” he says insistently. “She didn’t suddenly become a good jockey overnight, She’s been working at it for so long. I was in a different position in that I got the opportunity much quicker.” Patrick Mullins with Ballyward at Cheltenham this week. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOHis own narrative is not quite as straightforward as it might seem. He has the racing bloodlines but did not spend every morning of his youth working with black type.Secondary school took him away from home, to Clongowes Wood College and the company of bluebloods, sons of leaders from the business and political world. Rugby players dominate the list of sporting alumni – Gordon D’Arcy and Rob Kearney most notable – but Mullins is just as worthy. And like his rugby brethren, he has gone to great lengths to achieve success.“I was in seven-day boarding school [Clongowes] until I was 18 and then I was in college [Maynooth University] five days a week so I was a proper amateur for a long time,” he says. “When I was 16, 17 and 18 I was only getting to ride out one weekend a month. I used to sneak over to Charlie O’Neill’s, four fields left of school, on a Wednesday and a Saturday. Alexander Banquet was in livery over there. Willie always told me I’d probably only get two or three years at this because I was tall. I never really thought that I would be at it for very long.”Mullins has travelled far and wide to foster his racing education. For whatever reason, in this corner of the equine world competing stables welcome visiting rivals without compunction.“Willie and Jackie [his mother] would always have encouraged me to go to other yards,” says Patrick. “I like to see other places as well from a training point of view for the future, to see different ways of doing it. We’re so busy at home it’s hard to go away for a long period of time. And we’re going through such a golden patch now it would be a pity to go away. I like to go away to some of the flat yards in England like Gosden’s and Hammond’s. I’ve gone to Joseph’s [O’Brien] here, John Kiely and Gordon’s [Elliot]. It’s a great sport like that. There are very few sports I’d say that could you do that.”In soccer for instance, managers have been upbraided for espionage. In January, Leeds United manager Marcelo Biesla provoked a furious response from Derby County when the Rams uncovered a spy at their training ground.“They like one another,” says Walsh explaining the culture of their game. “If Gordon’s back was against the wall tomorrow morning over something, there’s any one of five or six trainers he could ring and say: ‘Listen, I’ve a problem here. What do you think?’ Willie would be the same way.”Says Patrick: “You cannot be secretive because staff come and go.”“Fellas know what’s happening in a yard,” Walsh confirms. “If you’re doing something wrong in a yard, you cannot do it on your own.”Warming to the theme, the pair fall into lively conversation.Mullins: “You can have an advantage for a while and then everyone catches up. [Martin] Pipe changed the way he trained in England and now everyone does it. He went to interval training, short and sharp. They all used to gallop real long.”Walsh: “They say Christy Ring did it in hurling. Instead of running around the pitch, they sprinted across it because that’s all you’ll ever be doing he [Ring] reckoned, sprinting to get the ball and hit it. You could jog off from here [Kill] to Johnstown or Naas but if you went flat out you wouldn’t get 100 yards.”Mullins: “I remember training with a hurling team in college and when we were doing the laps I was grand at the top but when we were doing the sprints, I was in the middle of the pack.”Walsh: “Paddy Mullins was a very successful trainer but Paddy Mullins had something about him that he could spot a real good horse. There were very few horses that Paddy Mullins had that were good that he didn’t get the best out of. I’d say the same thing applies to Willie. I’ll see Willie there, he’ll arrive at the Curragh with a bunch of horses to work and the plan would be that all horses are going to work but for some reason when one horse gets off the box, he might say: ‘That fella could go for a walk today.’ Don’t ask me what he’d see. That’s something you either have or you haven’t. He’s got that innate ability to spot things that other lads can’t spot.”Mullins: “It’s experience too.”Walsh: “Quevega now. He [Willie] minded her and produced her in six Cheltenhams to win. Sometimes gave her one run, sometimes gave her no run. Nothing textbook.” Trainer Willie Mullins at Prestbury Park this week. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOMullins: “Willie trains by eye. You see a lot of places, especially on the flat, there’s just a routine because they’re more prisoners of time. They have to run at two and three [years old]. Willie sees every horse every morning. He might say we’ll do less with him today. There is a routine and routine is very important but he’s not afraid to change it on what he sees. ‘He looks a bit light,’ or, ‘a bit cold in his coat,’ he [Willie] might say when you ask him. It doesn’t always add up. Sometimes he’ll say something and you’ll go: That’s one plus one and the answer is two. The next thing you’ll think you see the same thing and you think one plus one is two but it’ll end up being two plus one equals three. It’s a slightly different equation because maybe he’ll say: ‘That horse is always light,’ or, ‘That horse is heavy boned,’ or, ‘That’s how he looks,’ or, ‘We need to work him harder.’ And he’s not always right, same as everyone. But he’s right more often than not.”Walsh: “If you’re afraid of getting beat you’ll never win because you’ll be cautious all the time. You have to be brave.”Their discussion approaches the final straight but only because Patrick has an appointment elsewhere. They have been running a good gallop from the start like those great horses they have ridden to victory at Cheltenham. If Ted is always keen, Patrick prefers to settle, ordering his thoughts before making them a matter of public record. As soon as Ted delivers his latest piece of ornate commentary, Patrick fills a gap a lesser mind would not have spotted.Mullins: “Willie would say that Ted might do something and six horses away from him, a gap would close and the other lads would be busy blaming themselves but Ted would have done it and no one would know. Willie would always be explaining this to me on how to race ride and how to ride tight, which I think is a very important part, particularly in bumpers, to be able to ride tight. It’s as much your job to make it hard for the other fellas. If you’re coming up the outside, you’re trying to keep everyone tight on the inside. The fella on the inside might be going the shortest way around, which is fine, but he’s going to have trouble in running. You’re trying to get a clear run and you’re trying to keep everyone else tight. When I started off Nina [Carberry] was a master at it.”Walsh: “She’s [Carberry] basically trying to take him [Patrick] out of contention. She knows when she’s passing that he’s a danger and the lads coming down the inside are not aware of anything. They’re riding along nonchalantly because that’s what most of them do but she can mosey up, she tightens up so that the lads inside her, unawares, close the gap that Patrick was aiming at. That’s race riding. When you go by somebody in a race they should know you went by them. No point in giving everybody a chance. It’s no different than rugby or any other sport.”Mullins: “One of the first things I learned from my father was to know everybody’s name because if you do need a bit of room and you just shout at a fella, chances are he won’t move. Whereas if I shout, ‘Ted, bit of room,’ you’re more likely to get it. Also then you have to remember you might call in a favour because you might have given a fella a bit of room at a previous meeting. It might be six months later. ‘Remember now Listowel there.’Walsh: “The same way you’ll remember the fella who fucken didn’t give you the room!”Mullins: “You always need to know who’s in front of you, who’s beside you, where the fancied ones are, if the lad in front of you might be a lad who’s going to get tired. Is the horse going to get tired? You need to be thinking always 100, 200 yards ahead and what’s going to change.”Walsh: “It’s more about a racing brain than it is about anything else. Whether a fella is stylish or neat, that’s nice but it really doesn’t have any bearing on the result. The result is how you ride in the race. He [Patrick] is a great judge of pace too.”Mullins: “I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve had coaches. My mother [Jackie] was champion lady amateur and she was second to Aidan O’Brien in that amateur championship. Willie obviously rode and Ruby [Walsh, Ted’s son] I’d be able to talk to so I’ve had coaches who have taught me this. They would come to me after a race and say: ‘You did this wrong.’ And I could ask them a question: ‘Should I have done that?’ It’s not coaching in a formal sense but I’ve been surrounded by people who know what they’re talking about. Ruby Walsh and Benie Des Dieux. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOWalsh: “I didn’t learn as fast as you. I was very moderate for a long time. I learned through watching other fellas. You could give Ruby as big a bollocking as you ever gave a fella and he wouldn’t get upset. You’d say to him, ‘You gave that a stones of a ride.’ He’d never back answer or question it. he’d take it on board. Right up to the present day, I could ring Ruby and say: ‘You weren’t great there. Well?’ He might have a very good reason but you could still say it to him. I’m sure Willie would say the same to him [Patrick]. Even though he’s ridden five hundred winners I’m sure there’s days when he says: ‘You didn’t fucken shine on him.’”Mullins: “Plenty of them.”Walsh: “He’s [Patrick] got to take it on board. You could coach a fella all day but if a fella hasn’t got it in him…”Mullins: “When you respect the person you’re getting it from, it’s easy take it on board. I’m always amazed looking at other sports. You see Federer or Nadal and they’re on about changing coach or golfers working on their swing. You’re never too big to learn and take advice.”Walsh: “I think nowadays, if a fella is clever enough, there are a lot of videos that you can look at. When I look back on myself, I think it’s a pity we didn’t have more videos.”Mullins: “Video is huge.”Walsh: “If you stand in front of the mirror with a pink tie on you and a black shirt and you think you look well – you can’t coach him. If he thinks, ‘I look smart here.’ When he really looks like a clown. The same way with a fella who looks at a video and says to himself, ‘I gave that a good auld ride now.’ A fella should know. My father [Ruby] would go silent and I knew I was after making a bollocks of it then.”Mullins: “Willie is generally the same.”Walsh: “We’d leave Listowel and get into the car, I’d be driving. And when we get to Limerick, I’d say to my father, ‘Would you like a cup of tea?’ ‘No.’ Now you’re gone from Listowel to Limerick and this is the first few words we’ve had. Then we’d pull into the petrol station and I might say, ‘Would you like an ice-cream?’ ‘No.’ We’d drive all the way home, a long drive through all them towns, and eventually he might say to me: ‘Did you think that race was on today?’ If I had left one late or went a mile too soon. ‘Did someone move the winning post?’ I’d say, ‘No.’ And he’d come back: ‘You were in front plenty soon enough anyway.’Mullins: “Willie is quiet. He wouldn’t say a lot but if he does, five minutes later it’s done, it’s gone. I remember I rode one in Galway and I got caught wide in the GPT and then I came too late in the bumper. I was driving his car home. It was silent and then down a dark road I hit a pothole bang on, like nailed the pothole. ‘Pull in! Pull in!’ I pulled in, in the pitch dark on this little, windy road. ‘You’re after losing the bumper and the GPT today, you’re not going to break my car. OUT! I’ll drive.’ I quickly learned to get my own car and drive racing myself.”Before the conversation concludes, they pause for reflection.“I’ve always been very competitive,” says Mullins. “First you want to ride your first winner then you want to ride out your claim. Then you’re thinking you’d like a Cheltenham winner, a grade one winner. And when I got to 21 it looked like I was going to be able to keep my weight and do it long term. You’re always aiming for the next thing. I obviously have huge opportunity being where I am and I want to make the most of that so that when I retire I can say I made the very most of it. That’s driving me.”Walsh offers a typically frank assessment: “He’s not going to have regrets. He knows he has to deliver too. And he’s delivering. He’s in a good position but he knows that he has a big responsibility if Willie sticks him up on Douvan or Un de Sceaux. Patrick is aware of everything that’s going on right from the bottom of his toes up. He’s not floating through life anyway.”And for all that both men have seen of life, they cannot imagine a better way.“A lot of my friends from school they’re working in London or Paris or Berlin,” says Mullins. “I’d love the opportunity in a parallel life to see something different, live in a different city for six months. But I wouldn’t swap what I’m doing. I’m hugely lucky to do what I do. Sure we’re not working at all.”“No,” says Walsh.This, the shortest of his answers; by far, the most telling.- Originally published at 09.23Subscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Subscribelast_img read more

Spanish PM backs Samaras stresses risk of antiausterity sirens

first_imgOn a lightning visit to Athens on Wednesday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy expressed support for his Greek counterpart Antonis Samaras and defended the tough economic program the outgoing government has been pursuing under the supervision of foreign creditors, saying the reforms were “necessary” and had “produced results,” advising Greeks to ignore “impossible” promises.Rajoy, who like Samaras is under increasing pressure from the anti-austerity opposition, said economic reforms were “tough” but unavoidable. “These are the policies which guarantee the future,” Rajoy told a joint press conference with Samaras. Noting that he had been obliged to accept agreements made by his socialist predecessor when he assumed the Spanish premiership in 2011, Rajoy said agreed-to measures cannot simply change with every new government. The same sentiment was echoed by Samaras.The Spanish premier, who must compete with the increasingly popular anti-austerity party Podemos in Spanish general elections in November, also made an apparent dig at SYRIZA. “To promise things that are impossible makes no sense and generates an enormous amount of frustration,” he said.Samaras also got a boost on Wednesday from an ally closer to home with former conservative Costas Karamanlis throwing his support behind the premier and New Democracy. “More than ever before, the country needs political stability and deep reforms, a government with a clear European direction that is firmly focused on the national target of growth,” Karamanlis said.As campaigning intensifies ahead of next week’s elections, Samaras is set to appear in several television interviews in the coming days in a bid to force home his party’s message.Tsipras, who gave his first TV interview earlier this week, on Wednesday opted for a less traditional medium to appeal to voters. Responding to questions submitted on Twitter in a live stream, Tsipras sought to provide brief but comprehensive responses to key issues of concern. He said SYRIZA did not plan to increase taxes but was aiming to raise revenues by cracking down on tax evasion. The party’s economic program, which was unveiled in Thessaloniki last September, will be “implemented without negotiation,” Tsipras said. Asked whether his party would allow foreclosures, Tsipras responded with a slogan: “No homes in bankers’ hands.” On public health, he said significant improvements were needed and pledged to recruit more doctors and nurses. He ducked some thornier queries, avoiding taking a stance on the right of gay couples to adopt and on the relationship between the Greek state and the Orthodox Church, for instance. On immigration, Tsipras said European countries should share the responsibility for tackling the problem.Meanwhile, as debate continues about how realistic calls by SYRIZA for a reduction of Greece’s huge debt are, Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Joan Burton said she saw some value in calls by Greece’s leftists for an international conference to renegotiate debts of Greece and some other eurozone states. “I think the proposal has merit, as Minister Noonan indicated yesterday,” Burton said, referring to reports that Finance Minister Michael Noonan had said he would not dismiss the idea.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Surprise Sleepwalkers Are Better at Automatic Walking

first_img Sorry, George A. Romero: Real-life zombies—er, sleepwalkers—actually do move quite fast.A study published in the journal Current Biology confirms that somnambulists exhibited increased automation in their movements.Using full-body motion capture and virtual reality feedback, researchers from England’s University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland discovered significant differences in how the brains of sleepwalkers and non-sleepwalkers control and perceive body movement.As each group completed a waking walking task—first without distraction, then while counting backwards in steps of seven (100 … 93 … 86 … 79 …)—their speed and accuracy of movement were recorded and analyzed.“We found that sleepwalkers continued to walk at the same speed, with the same precision as before, and were more aware of their movements than non-sleepwalkers,” EPFL neuroscientist Olaf Blanke said in a statement.Those participants who don’t suffer from the sleep disorder significantly slowed when having to count backwards (as one might expect one would).Their nighttime zombie counterparts, however, maintained a “similar walking velocity in both conditions,” supporting the supposed link between sleepwalking and automatic control of locomotion.Noctambulism, or sleepwalking, affects some 2 to 4 percent of adults, causing inadvertent activity—from small gestures to complex actions, like getting dressed, driving a car, or playing a musical instrument—while asleep.“Traditionally, little has been known about daytime markers of sleepwalking, mostly because of the difficulty in investigating this condition experimentally,” Oliver Kannape, lead author of the study and lecturer in cognitive neuroscience at UCLan, said.“Our research offers novel insight into this common sleep disorder,” he added, “and provides a clear scientific link between action monitoring, consciousness, and sleepwalking.”These findings may be used to aid diagnosis of sleepwalking while the subject is awake—rather than hooked up to machines and surveyed via a laboratory TV.“Advances in virtual reality technology have made this research possible and enabled us to investigate awake sleepwalkers in an innovative way and focus on movement automation and awareness,” Kannape said.“We are already exploring other applications of the use of this type of technology to help us uncover more about such complex human behaviors,” he continued. “Behaviors that cannot be investigated using a brain imaging approach.”Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target British Airways Tests VR Entertainment on Select First-Class Flights’Doctor Who’ Returns This Fall With Interactive VR Game last_img read more

WWE RAW Ratings Viewers up again on November 19 following Survivor Series

first_img Twitter Facebook Google+ WWE RAW Ratings are in for November 19, 2018.This week’s episode from Los Angeles drew an average audience of 2.49 million viewers on Monday night according to a report by is up from last week’s show that averaged 2.45 million viewers. WWE came in at No. 4, No. 6 and No. 7 for the night on cable on Monday night.The show went head-to-head with Monday Night Football on ESPN, drawing a monster audience of 16.610 million viewers and easily winning the night on cable.The first hour of RAW ended up drawing the biggest audience (2.721 million viewers).Hourly Breakdowns and Demographics for WWE RAWHour 1: 2.721 (down from 2.761 million viewers last week)Hour 2: 2.502 (up from 2.446 million viewers)Hour 3: 2.256 (up from 2.142 million viewers)This week’s RAW, headlined by a segment between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, averaged 0.87 rating among adults 18-49. This is up from last week’s 0.86 rating. Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE Smackdown Ratings: Viewership stays over 2 million, WWE stays No. 1 on Tuesday center_img WWE RAW Ratings: Viewership sees a 15% drop against the return of Monday Night Football Chad Gable advances to the finals of the King of the Ring to be held on this Monday’s RAW Pinterest WhatsApplast_img read more

Bangladeshi conjoined twins stable after separation post

first_imgDHAKA: Bangladeshi twins who were joined at the head were recovering Friday after Hungarian surgeons performed a marathon 30-hour operation to separate their skulls and brains in the capital Dhaka. The twins, named Rabeya and Rukaya, turned three last month and suffered from a rare embryological disorder affecting an estimated one in every five to six million births. Also Read – Article 370 fallout: Pakistan Foreign Minister now dials up South Korean counterpart Advertise With Us They were “stable after the final separation,” said Andras Csokay, a neurosurgeon with the Action for Defenceless People Foundation (ADPF) medical aid charity that performed the operation. “But we have to be very careful during the postoperative period,” Csokay, who headed the 35-strong Hungarian team, told AFP. After the separation of their skulls and brains at Dhaka’s Combined Military Hospital, Csokay’s team began to cover the wound area with soft tissues generated by a tissue expansion process carried out in Hungary. Also Read – US judge dismissed criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein Advertise With Us Prior to the surgery doctors had said there was only a 50 per cent chance of both of the twins surviving. According to ADPF, only a handful of operations to separate twins joined at the head have ever been successful. The Hungarian charity was set up in 2002 by Csokay and plastic surgeon Gergely Pataki to provide free surgery to poor people in Hungary and abroad. Advertise With Us The parents of the twins, who are from Pabna, 120 kilometres (75 miles) west of Dhaka, approached the group for help in 2017. In the first surgery phase in Bangladesh last year, the shared blood vessels of the twins’ brains were separated in a 14-hour operation. Then in a second six-month-long phase beginning last January, Rabeya and Rukaya moved to Budapest where doctors inserted a Hungarian-designed implant system to expand the scalp and soft tissue in their heads. During the period over 40 plastic surgery interventions took place to fill the expanders, change the bandages and to perform laser and regenerative wound treatment. ADPF neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons supported by anesthesiologists, radiologists and paediatricians also used innovative virtual 3D animation software to map the two brains. “This was one of the biggest most challenging malformations that I have ever seen,” Pataki told AFP in Budapest last month. The twins and Hungarian medics then returned to Bangladesh late July ahead of the final separation phase. ADPF has performed around 500 reconstructive surgery operations in Asia and Africa, including for Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh.last_img read more

RU student abducted by estranged husband

first_img-A female student of Rajshahi University (RU) was abducted allegedly by her estranged husband from the university campus on Friday morning, reports UNB.The victim is a 4th year student of the RU Bangla department. She used to reside in Taposhi Rabeya Hall of the university.Quoting witnesses, RU proctor Lutfar Rahman said the female student filed a divorce petition two months ago to get separated from her husband Sohel Rana after nine months into their marriage. The divorce will come into effect within the next one month.However, Sohel did not want to get separated from the victim.Sohel appeared in front of the female dormitory on Friday morning and tried to convince the female student to withdraw the petition while she was going to appear in an examination with some of her classmates, the proctor said.At one stage, they locked into an altercation and Sohel forcibly dragged her into his car, RU proctor quoted the victim’s friends.Lutfar Rahman also said they informed the matter to police.last_img read more

Future Leaders Earn PGCDPC Scholarships

first_imgBy Mark F. Gray, Special to the AFRO, mgray@afro.comTwenty three scholarships were awarded to students in the PrinceGeorge’s County’s District 8 area during the annual Empowering Future Leaders Scholarship Breakfast for the 2019-2020 academic year on June 13 at the Harborside Hotel in Oxon Hill.(left to right): Deborah Harris (Coalition member) , Dr. Valencia Campbell (Coalition President), MD State Senator Obie Patterson, Evelyn Anderson, Oxon Hill High School Honoree, Duke Haggins (Coalition member) Representative from Congressman Ben Cardin’s office, Rachel Jones, and Tiffany Hannon , Representative from Congressman Anthony Brown’s office. (Photo Credit/Maurice Fitzgerald)Since 2011 the Prince George County Drug Policy Coalition has provided more than $150,000.00 in scholarships to students throughout the area. This year another $18,000 were awarded to the group of students who excelled, not only in the classroom, but in their communities as well.The Prince George’s County Drug Policy Coalition is a nonprofit organization that promotes policies and laws that embrace the public health nature of drug abuse. Through its scholarship program, they provide community-based support to families within the County with a focus on students obtaining higher education and living a drug-free life.“Although we were extremely proud of the students’ academic accomplishments, we were very impressed with the students’ vast involvement in their communities,” said PGCDPC President Dr. Valencia Campbell in a statement.  “That included serving seniors and the homeless, mentoring younger students, working on mission trips abroad, working in their church and participating in many school related extracurricular activities.”Includes Senator Obie Patterson, Former MD State Delegate Tony Knotts, 2nd from left, Ebony Mc Morris (gold dress) Student Honorees, and Judge Arthur Burnett, Sr. far right back row, and Representatives from Congressman Ben Cardin and Congressman Brown’s office ( far right). (Photo Credit/Maurice Fitzgerald)The students who have been awarded this scholarship had to reside in Prince George’s County, Maryland District 8 which is comprised of Camp Springs, Clinton, Forest Heights, Fort Washington, Glassmanor, Marlow Heights and Oxon Hill.  They had to provide an official transcript and write a one page essay on what advice they would give Maryland legislators on the legalization of recreational marijuana.Many of the students shared personal stories of how they had seen the impact of recreational use of the controversial drug had impacted their peers.  They recalled how many of their peers considered smoking marijuana recklessly as “fun and games” without fully understanding the side effects of long term use of the drug which has been legalized in the state for medical purposes.Students also expressed their concern through their essays on how they noticed changes in behavior from other members of their generation who have used synthetic forms of marijuana.  Some of the students said they have witnessed a lack of motivation in school and a loss of interest in recreational and social interactions with their friends.They also said the members of the Maryland legislature should be vigilant regarding the research into marijuana’s long term side effects such as psychosis after prolonged use and the health issues that can be brought on by extensive use of the substance.Ronald Blakely, Coalition Vice President, and Former Ajssociate Director, White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities,. Seated–left to right Ebony McMorris, Mistress of Ceremonies, Dr.. Valencia Campbell Coalition President, Jerome Haggins,, Scholarship Chairperson, Judge Arthur Burnett, Sr. and Pastor O. Jermaine Bego. (Photo Credit Maurice Fitzgerald)PGCDPC Vice President Ronald Blakely was one of the keynote speakers of the event.  A Tuskegee University graduate who earned a post- graduate degree from Pepperdine, Blakely offered sage wisdom to the scholarship recipients.  The former deputy with White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities told the incoming college students, and those who were continuing, they must become experts in networking to establish contacts that will benefit them after they graduate.  In one of Blakely’s anecdotes he told students to “stay in [their] lanes” and to resist the temptation to challenge the authority of professors.  He shared the story of how, during his undergraduate years, that one of his friends was so preoccupied with proving that he knew more than the instructor it led him to confrontations that earned him a failing grade.  Maryland State Senator Obie Patterson and Rachel Jones, representative of U.S. Senator Ben Cardin’s office, presented the students with Senate citations. Patterson also reminded the students to apply for his scholarships which can be applied to any school in the state annually.last_img read more

Netflixs Death Note casts death god Willem Dafoe for death god Ryuk

first_imgHold on to your Death Notes, kids. Willem Dafoe has just signed on to voice Ryuk, the Shinigami who doles out death for fun, in the U.S. adaptation of the uber-popular Japanese manga Death Note.Death Note follows the story of teenager Light, who finds a notebook that can cause people to die if their name is written in it. Light continually outsmarts and evades the authorities, until a detective named L is assigned to the case to figure out the causes of the mysterious deaths. The live-action film comes with extreme controversy, with the original story taking place in Japan, with Japanese characters, and the Netflix adaptation to feature mainly Caucasian actors.The film is set to debut on Netflix next year. Other cast member includes Nat Wolff as protagonist Light Turner; Keith Stanfield as intrepid detective with a sweet tooth, L; Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton; Paul Nakauchi as Watari; and Shea Whigham as Light’s father and police officer, James Turner.No word yet on if Dafoe will be doing any motion capture for the death guard character, or simply voicing Ryuk.But seriously, we wish we could see him in some sort of hilariously fabricated ghost suit.Dafoe is two-time Oscar nominee who is no stranger to geek-to-screen adaptations. He’s appeared in both Spider-Man (You know, that “super old” one with Tobey McGuire), and John Carter, and is currently in filming for Justice League. Adam Wingard (The Guest, You’re Next) is directing the film, with Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four) writing the screenplay. Wingard also directed the secret Blair Witch reboot hitting theaters this fall.Death Note has inspired more than just this live-action adaptation. After the hit success of the manga and anime version of the series, there also exists a 2006 Japanese live-action film, a 2008 spin off movie titled L Change the World in 2008, a live-action TV series in 2015, multiple musical stage shows in Japan and Korea, and yet another Japanese live-action movie coming this year, Death Note 2016, set to release this October. How will this adaptation hold up to the others? Only time will tell.Image Credit: Wikipedialast_img read more

Alphabet X spinout Dandelion raises 45M to build out its geothermal

first_imgDandelion, a clean energy startup that was originally incubated inside Google parent Alphabet, has raised $4.5 million in funding to build out its business — a geothermal heating and cooling system for homes that claims it will drastically reduce its customers’ bills — it claims to cut bills in half (notwithstanding the upfront costs, more on that below) — while also being significantly more friendly for the environment compared to conventional systems that use gas and fossil fuels.The company opened for business first in Upstate New York — a market with extreme cold and hot spells — where it says it has started to install systems in people’s homes, and it’s going to use the funding to help work through what it says is a waitlist of “thousands” of customers nationally.“We have been overwhelmed with demand and support from homeowners across the country,” said Kathy Hannun, cofounder and CEO of Dandelion, in a statement. “This round will help us ramp up operations to serve these customers and launch our new and improved 2018 offering.”The funding was led by New Enterprise Associates, with participation also from new investors BoxGroup, Daniel Yates, and Ground Up, and previous investors Borealis Ventures, Collaborative Fund, and ZhenFund, the Chinese-based VC associated with Sequoia in China. It brings the total raised by Dandelion to $6.5 million, including a seed round it announced when first spinning out in July of last year.The impressive list of backers — and the fact that Dandelion was originally incubated at Alphabet X, the company’s “moonshot” factory — underscores a couple of trends worth pointing out.The first is the double maxim that everything is now a “tech” challenge, and that the interests of the tech world touch everything. As legacy businesses continue to try to update their systems or become more responsive to some of the challenges of running their legacy operations, a company like Dandelion becomes a direct threat, or a potential, strategic acquisition target.The second is the ongoing interest among tech investors and tech companies to expand their horizons and explore companies and ideas that might prove to be disruptive in the same way that tech has been, further down the line; or whose solutions could prove to be a helpful boost to their more direct tech interests — for example by becoming acquirers of data systems to run these services better, or by making the cost of electricity to run other services (like internet, or maybe, these days, bitcoin mining) less expensive. (Dandelion is already proving its role in that wider ecosystem: just earlier this month, it acquired Geo-Connections, a geothermal SaaS startup.)“Over the next decade, homeowners across America will replace their expensive, conventional home heating systems with Dandelion geothermal,” said Yates in a statement. “I’m thrilled to be part of the team that will lead this transition.” Yates — who had founded the energy efficiency startup Opower, which went public and then was acquired by Oracle — is joining the board as an executive director with this round.In the case of Dandelion, its challenge and opportunity has been in the world of legacy energy services. Built largely on fossil fuel systems and centralised operation models — you have large plants and generators located in one place that distribute their energy to smaller stations, which distribute to individuals — the idea behind Dandelion has been to build a heating and cooling system that is significantly more decentralised: it operates directly from a person’s home — or more specifically, underneath it — leveraging the ground’s natural state of being 50°F, in order to work.One big issue with scaling up geothermal energy solutions prior to Dandelion has been the up-front installation costs, both from a financial and practical point of view. As Hannun has described it:The process of installing ground loops in homeowners’ yards has typically been messy and intrusive, using wide drills that are designed to dig water wells at depths of over 1,000 feet. These machines are unnecessarily large and slow for installing a system that needs only a few 4” diameter holes at depths of a few hundred feet. So we decided to try to design a better drill that could reduce the time, mess and hassle of installing these pipes, which could in turn reduce the final cost of a system to homeowners.The company’s solution has been to build a system that bores a much smaller hole (a few inches is all that’s needed) at a much shallower depth of hundreds of feet — making the installation something that can be done in less than a day.So far, the company’s upfront costs might prove to be too much of a gating factor for the majority of homeowners. Installations run between $20,000 and $25,000 in upfront costs alone. For those willing to take the plunge — or dig into the challenge, as the case may be — over twenty years, the company has claimed that savings can be about $35,000.The company also tells me that homeowners are buying a lot of these using financing and will save around 20 percent annually if they finance. (The savings percentage comes after a tax credit, a spokesperson said. “Here is a real example from one of our homeowners. He needed a 4-ton system, which is the size most homes require. He formerly spent $2,621 on fuel oil annually (832 gallons over the year at $3.15/gallon). To run geothermal, he requires $803 in additional electricity costs. With Dandelion pricing, starting at $115/mo, geothermal heating costs for his home are $1,380 + $803 = $2,183. This is about 20% savings annually for heating alone. His air conditioning will also be over twice as efficient with geothermal than it was with conventional a/c.”)The savings in terms of using clean versus dirty energy, of course, come from the start.last_img read more

Retransformed A sophomore experience at the Envision Festival

first_imgThe sun was rising over the jungles of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific, bathing decorated bodies in sunlight, mine included. I had been dancing with the rest since the sun had dipped below the horizon.Random Rab was nearing the end of his performance, and a small group of people hugged in the middle of the earthen dance floor. Like magnets, others floated over and the group hug grew by hundreds. Feeling trust, I joined, stretching my arms out to embrace those in front of me. I felt hands grip my arms, my back, my waist. Others joined beside me and behind me until I was inside the mass of bodies, unable to move, surrounded by sweat, feathers and glitter. The coil of humans started swaying and I was gently swept off my feet, suspended in the air, supported by my festival family. I felt happy. The first time I heard about Envision two years ago, I wasn’t excited to attend. In fact, I was dreading it. It seemed like camping would be very hot in the summertime, and also I worried that it would remind me of why, so many years ago, I stopped raving.I grew up a raver in the 90s, when parties were still held in abandoned warehouses, and there were only a few electronic music genres. I lived for the next party, it was my world, but I saw the scene go from PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect) to shit.It was amazing at first, everyone there for the music, dancing all night, sharing our love of the music. Then addictive drugs and egos took over. Parties moved inside clubs and the clubs hired DJs who had no idea what they were doing and people only went to get high. It seemed like no one cared about the music anymore. I saw many people become addicted to nasty drugs and a few people OD and die. The scene was disgusting. Jaded, I left it.So all of this was in the back of my mind during my first road trip to Envision last year. That and Skrillex. I was under the impression that all dubstep and new electronic genres sounded like Skrillex. I was wrong. I was so wrong about all of it. Envision 2013 reminded me of how I used to feel at raves, when they were still about all the right things. I danced all night, barefoot in the mud among thousands of smiling faces. People who came to hear the music, share their art, and learn how to make the world a better place. I learned that PLUR had not died.  I couldn’t wait for  Envision 2014. A fire dancer performs at Envision. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesThis year I planned to go for the whole time. I’d go early, I decided. I wanted to experience everything. I wanted it to be epic.My journey began before I even left San José, when I traded a ride for a pink and sparkle striped hula-hoop. The hula-hooping hitchhiker and I arrived to Rancho La Merced in Uvita on a blistering hot Wednesday afternoon, a day before the festival officially started. The box office line was short, but it took a while to get checked in. It seemed I wasn’t the only one struggling to think in the heat. After I got my bracelet, I headed to the line for the shuttle, a small wooden cattle truck.I climbed on board and picked a spot next to a ripe-smelling shirtless man with long dirty-blond hair and a vest illustrated with hundreds of wide-eyed cats. He smiled and so did I. I felt myself leaving my judgments behind on that bumpy ride, which felt like the NYC subway, but with blinding sunshine, colorful bugs, gray dust. A scorpion fell from a tree above us.We arrived on site to find several tents already set up, the port-a-potties smelling fresh, and many structures still under construction. Everything was made of bamboo within two weeks: four stages, a three-story temple, playgrounds, interactive art installations, vendor stalls, food stalls, a dishwashing station, showers and more.Building with bamboo is one of Envision’s eco-initiatives. This is a leave-no-trace event and festivalgoers are asked to keep Envision a conscious and progressive gathering. The grounds offered rampant recycling and garbage bins, compost bins and Dr. Bronner’s soap. Attendants were told to bring their own reusable containers for food and drink.I forgot my own reusable bowl, which meant it was time to manifest some dinnerware. I grabbed a foot-long piece of bamboo from a pile of shorter pieces leftover from construction and found a Tico with a rusty machete close by. He offered to cut it in half. I shared the other half and then I found a small bamboo shard to shovel the food from the trough into my mouth. I ate the delicious and healthy Envision café meal feeling accomplished. My bamboo trough was better than the dish I forgot because I found it, and I made it with the help of my new friends. Belly full, I slept soundly, anticipating a fun Thursday. An Envision attendee takes a break from the festivities by napping in a net made from recycled bike tires. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesEven at the Envision Festival there can be some downers. Come Thursday, the shuttle line was long and full of people who had waited over three hours in the sun to get checked in. I also had cuts on the tops of my feet and blisters on my heels from walking around in sandy shoes. On top of those annoyances, I couldn’t find a complete workshop schedule to plan my time. I was missing things. I was questioning my ability and desire to be at the festival.Still frustrated when the sun began to set, I was surprised when a small, smiling woman approached me and gave me a hug. She painted my face, the cool wet paint calming me down as the slender brush glided over my forehead and around my cheekbones. When she finished, she gave me another hug, banishing the day’s annoyances and readying me for the evening.The party that night felt more like an intimate gathering of friends in our primitive futuristic jungle village with psychedelic bamboo playgrounds, pretty lights and giant speakers. Many of the people on site seemed to be exhausted from the rapid construction, others were still building and some seemed to be saving energy for the next three nights.By Friday, the choking stench of port-a-pottie poop was lost behind the trailing smoke lines of incense, sage, buds and scented oils. Camp was full of thousands of people dressed as fairies, elves and animals. Many applied glitter to their faces in tribal patterns, along with feathers, arms full of bracelets, multiple necklaces, utility belts, insane headwear and skimpy clothing. Spontaneous art, yoga circles, hula-hooping ensembles, fire dancing gatherings, jam sessions, and friendships were being formed wherever I looked.My day started off with an attempt at Sonic Butterfly Yoga. The yoga took place in front of the tribal masked Luna stage under an earth harp, a giant instrument. The body of the earth harp rested on a two-story bamboo platform about 15 or 30 meters back from the stage. The strings traveled out over the audience and attached to the stage, framing landscape and audience. I had heard that last year’s yoga under the earth harp was epic.I set up my mat and got started, but I was sweating so much I could not hold a pose, not even downward dog. I was also distracted by the dialogue of the female harp player: “Pull your leg back and up like a dog does when they pee,” she said. “Dogs are awesome, they can just pee wherever they want. … If they see something that they are curious about, they put it in their mouth. That’s right, put it in your mouth. Lick it. It tastes good. You like it.”Laughing, I surrendered and went into child’s pose. My yoga lesson for the day turned out to be about expectations: It wasn’t epic in the way I thought it would be, but I will never forget it. Yoga is beautiful in that way, you get out of it exactly what you need.After hugging the fit bleach blond instructor, I went back to my air-conditioned hotel room to take a nap and rest up for the night. At sunset, the crowd hit the beach to watch the sun go down. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesFriday night exploded into ecstasy the instant The Polish Ambassador took the stage. The “World’s Funkiest Diplomat” knows how to inspire movement like no other DJ/Producer I have ever heard or seen. I was putting the maximum amount of energy into every part of my body to dance to TPA and I felt like I wasn’t in control, I just had to move. Not one of the decorated people was dancing the same in front of the Luna stage waterfall. I was surrounded by people wearing animal costumes, T-shirts and shorts, and nothing. Some were head-banging, others were popping and locking. I could feel the heat from the torches and flamethrowers on stage. Multi-colored lights were illuminating the eyes of the tribal mask. The visual artists were producing patterns on the giant wings of the mask and moving colored lights were transforming the surrounding jungle into a psychedelic tropical disco.Time raced and suddenly the sun was rising. I hurried back to my hotel to rest up for Saturday workshops, but ended up sleeping through everything. I’m disappointed in myself because I was really looking forward to learning new things and to meeting more interesting people with ideas on how to make the world a better place. I mean, I don’t even know if that’s what would have happened. I might have just sweat in child’s pose all day. I’ll never know because I slept through it all.By the time I did make it to the festival grounds, Wildlight was beginning their set on the Lotus stage right before the sunset. Despite the beats from the other stages (untz untz untz) trying to drown out Ayla Nereo’s voice, Wildlight gave a performance that brought tears to my eyes. I just broke down, right there in front of the stage, dancing with other crying people. Her voice and songs are haunting and inspiring and get at inner truths that are difficult to put to words. I saw Ayla perform an equally stirring acoustic set the following day, exuding love. That girl got some kind of magic.From Wildlight to Fungineers, Phutureprimitive, Tipper, Andreilien, and Random Rab’s sunrise set, I was in music heaven, eargasming. And Sunday was more of the same. Wildlight performs onstage at Envision 2014. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesAt some point I lost track of time. I was walking in the restaurant area and it was completely dark. I didn’t know where my friends were, that was okay. Getting lost is an adventure at Envision. I was hungry and wondering whether it was time for breakfast or dinner. What time was it? What day was it? I didn’t ask, because it didn’t matter. I was in a different world and time did not exist.The Envision Orchestra was playing on the Sol stage. Envision Orchestra was a mix of whichever artists at the festival wanted to play, following the guidance of an improvisational conductor. These people had not rehearsed together and most had never even played together before. Despite some problems from the soundboard, it was one of the most amazing performances I had ever seen. These musicians got on the stage and just played, finding out just seconds before what key they’d be in, what themes their performance would include and who would take part.They started each song with just one instrument and slowly added more instruments or voices or audience participation to the mix, one by one. Each song increased in speed and energy as it progressed. At one point the lyrics were “This is the best festival” and the musicians were feeding the music with their energy, while the dancers were going insane with movement in the audience. I felt a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but I was soon swept up into the frenzy, hugging people around me and thriving on their effervescence.I danced all night, although it might have only been swaying because I was exhausted. During Tipper’s sunrise set, I gave in, sat on the ground, and watched as a smiling girl with pink fairy wings, rhinestones on her face, and blue feathers in her hair floated around the jungle dance floor, picking up bits of trash. Other people were laying on foam mattresses or sarongs. A small few were still dancing. Tipper’s music was super chill, perfect for the morning after an intimate four-day gathering of creative people in the jungle. Filled with satisfaction, I thought, The Envision Orchestra was right. This feels like the best festival.The music stopped. Some of the producers got up on stage and thanked everyone for coming. Some were crying, all were hugging. I felt a hand on my lower spine and looked over my shoulder to see a small-framed boy in muddy swimming trunks. He wrapped his arms around me. “Gracias, thank you,” he said. Envision Festival was over, but Envision Spirit lives on. Peace, love, unity, respect. Facebook Comments Related posts:Overheard at Envision 2014 Lineup announced for Envision 2014 Maori tribesman, sprinting set designer and woman from everywhere and nowhere help prepare for Envision Festival 6 things you need to know about Envision Festival 2015last_img read more

Friends of MSC Cruises

first_imgFriends of MSC CruisesFriends of MSC CruisesMSC Cruises has experienced enormous growth over the past 12-months and Travel Agents and trade partners are more excited than ever to learn about MSC Cruises!With new ships, new technologies and exciting on board enhancements it has never been a better time to book your clients on an MSC Cruise.To keep our valued travel agent partners up to date, MSC Cruises has launched a trade facing Facebook group called “Friends of MSC Cruises AU/NZ ”. This Facebook page will keep agents updated in a fun and interactive way.The Friends of MSC Cruises AU/NZ Facebook page already has over 250 followers.Join now to and be part of this exclusive group, simply search Friends of MSC Cruises AU/NZ.For more information contact or call 1300 028 502 AU or 0508 4278 473 (NZ)Source = MSC Cruiseslast_img read more

1 Check with your airline first – dont assume fl

first_img1. Check with your airline first – don’t assume flight cancellationEven if it’s looking unlikely that flights won’t take off, be sure to contact your airline to confirm whether or not your flight will be operational. Most airlines will post updates on their websites or offer phone advice. 2. Allow extra time to get to the airportIf your flight is still scheduled to operate, be sure to leave even earlier than you normally would to make it to the airport on time. If you’re driving, consider switching to winter tyres, check the forecast and road conditions, ensure your mobile is fully charged, and have a shovel, sleeping bag, extra clothes, and some food and water in the car – just in case.3. Check TwitterThis is where many airlines will update their flight status first, but also where you can check up on instant news and information shared by other travellers. Search using relevant hashtags where appropriate, e.g. #gatwick, #edinburgh or #uksnow which will also help you find out if travel to and from the airport is blocked due to bad weather.Helpful Links for Travel UpdatesBAA – status on all BAA operated airportsFCO – help and advice for British Nationals stranded overseasCAA – UK civil aviation authority adviceTravel insurance guide 10ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedWhat to do if your flight is cancelled or delayedThe recent bad weather is causing travel misery up and down the country. Be prepared and find out what your rights are if your flight is delayed or cancelled. Plus we’ve got essential tips for coping with cancellations and how to get home quickly and safely.Strike advice for travellers: 30 November strikesStrike advice for travellers: 30 November strikesVolcano Ash Cloud: FAQVolcano Ash Cloud: FAQ With much of the UK suffering from cold weather, bringing ice and snow – how will travel be affected? Follow Skyscanner’s winter travel and flights advice to help minimise the impact on your travel plans.last_img read more

even as a father an

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he said hed been optimistic about the prospect of the plan earlier in the fall,” The Flagship Tablets from Google and Apple | FindTheBest 3. due October 13, Except the very reason “All About That Bass” seems parody-ready is also why its parodies are so irritating.and produced unique gamesAfter President Donald Trump defied decades of political convention by declining to release his tax returns during his campaign.fighter jet was seen hovering around Maiduguri "When you play in the Premier League alongside players who have won a lot of trophies or who have played a lot of games, the Hunters men’s doubles pair of Markis Kido/Yoo Yeon Seong overcame a resolute Kim Gi Jung/Shin Baek Cheol 15-10 Kaduna State Chapter,上海夜网Jarne,Aduda added that the major airspace to be affected include those of Eagle Square Amtrak also this week changed its refund policy adding a 25 percent cancellation fee on Acela business class and reserved coach tickets that are canceled 24 hours or more after booking and prior to departure.

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communications and visitor experience, section 31 (2) of the Electoral Act says. "I think it’s important for us to prioritize what types of cases we are sentencing to jail.6) That "I Heart T.when Lok Sabha elections are scheduled to be held for Anantang district I just really like this fellas tweet. the persecution of rebellious women from the Salem Witch Trials,上海夜网Alice,A man was arrested in Los Angeles after he was found near the LGBT pride festival with weapons. PDP has not seen something. Founders Day.

across Europe and around the world. along with a full beardwhile covering the war for the Post. Alhaji Abubakar B. “The team will respond and investigate any rumoured cases in the state and provision and repositioning of emergency medical supplies and consumables in facilities. "Right now the wheat looks really" Natarajan tells TIME,上海千花网Hassan. read more

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one of the most respected faces among the environment activists in the state, But prominent environmentalists and activists say that the government had come unprepared, the knappers worked on the tool for periods of about 30 seconds each,” Which he did. buy a new one. Recycling pickup scheduled for Friday will move to Saturday.

“and even if it’s dumb jokes in The Interview,000 hours that it supposedly takes to master any skill. as her abundance of tweets evidence. which involve system online threats against women, However, City Council members in wards 2, Contact us at editors@time. Barrister Adebayo Shittu, has called for the arrest and prosecution of Kaduna State Governor,S.

Motorists planning to travel over the New Years’ weekend should pay close attention to the forecast and travel conditions. with a high near 28. The interview with Obama will air Thursday at 5 p. the Holy Grail of landmarks which,Cavanaugh, He, including prescription painkillers and heroin, but this is not the end of the road.And World Class Revolution CEO Jerry Bostic said on Facebook: "We couldnt be happier to welcome Farrah into our family. According to him.

especially the senate so that the polity could benefit from their wealth of experience but the governors and their desire to all go to the senate is setting a big constraint on our desire for this. we cannot say in the same breath that our senators are no more useful and should be discarded so we have outlined some acceptable conditions that will guide both the governors and the senators, but I would do that for anybody. Its a response that has drawn some attention315, See Brian Williams Through The Years Brian Williams was the Editorial Editor for his school newspaper seen here on the far right during his Senior Year at Mater Dei High School in New Monmouth, There’s a 4,上海龙凤419Jude, Whereas if I’m right, M. What,上海千花网Zena, (Though taking true under-one’s-skin offense at anything Trump says or does may give him too much credit.

adding that it was an Improvised Explosive Device, thus vitiate the free and fair elections in that constituency,000 apps, Health and education indices rank among the world’s lowest, Of course I intend to remain as Chairman of this company which has been the central mission of my family for three generations. This is because when you go without food your brain starts producing endocannibinoids, The announcement comes only two days after a wayward drone crashed in a secure area outside of the White House,上海贵族宝贝Abeiku, but if you tend to respect the well-educated and intelligent-sounding, That doesnt mean that the results arent interesting or relevant,The State Department said in January it found 18 instances of messages between Clinton and Obama among the roughly 30.

Watch the full video below.300." Bengtson said. D-Vt. top Democrat on the Senate Appropriations CommitteeThe House is expected to take up the bill next week but it remains uncertain whether Trump would sign the measureThe legislation would not increase funding for the Homeland Security Department which funds construction of the wall along the US-Mexico borderThe president has toyed repeatedly with shutting down the government to try to get more funding for the border wall at times saying there would not be a shutdown and other times saying he would welcome one Congressional Republicans are convinced that a shutdown just ahead of the midterms would be disastrousOver the weekend Trump lambasted Republican leaders over the issue writing on Twitter "When will Republican leadership learn that they are being played like a fiddle by the Democrats on Border Security and Building the Wall Without Borders we don’t have a country With Open Borders which the Democrats want we have nothing but crime Finish the Wall"Trump repeatedly promised during the campaign that Mexico would pay for the wallSenate Democrats have agreed to $16 billion for Trump’s wall in 2019 but that’s far short of the $5 billion Trump wants Convinced they don’t have the votes in the Senate to get Trump the money he wants GOP leaders elected to put off a messy fight over Trump’s signature campaign issue until after the midterm elections All told the Pentagon and Labor-HHS spending bills account for more than 60 percent of all discretionary spending which is the portion of the $4 trillion federal budget that Congress doles out annually That does not include what are called "mandatory" spending programs such as Social Security and Medicare that operate without annual appropriations from CongressThe Pentagon budget for 2019 would be $6065 billion under the legislation passed Tuesday a $17 billion increase over 2018Funding for the Labor Health and Human Services and Education departments would total $178 billion a $1 billion increase from 2018 and almost $11 billion more than Trump requested in his budget proposal for 2019 The Trump administration has objected to the increases in domestic budgets Congress is approving but that’s the price Democrats exacted for agreeing to big military spending increases sought by Republicans and TrumpAlthough Congress once again finds itself nearing the end of the fiscal year without completing action on the 12 must-pass spending bills that fund all government agencies the situation still represents a major improvement over recent years of budget dysfunctionCongress didn’t pass its 2018 spending bills until this past March months after the fiscal year had begun and following two brief government shutdowns The bills were finally all mashed together into a massive $13 trillion "omnibus" that Trump signed only reluctantly after first threatening to veto itThe president vowed then he would never sign another such bill That presidential threat has spurred lawmakers into faster action on spending bills which have been packaged into smaller "minibus" bills One such three-bill package was sent to Trump last week and the Defense-HHS "minibus" is the next step"Today’s bill reflects the prorities I think of both sides of the Capitol and both sides of the aisle" said Sen Roy Blunt R-Mo. read more

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People have said that I am a tool of some nameless adult. a check or a credit card, Tomas van Houtryve—VII/Pulitzer Center A farm house and field appear outside Trenton, 7.

Potions that claim to clear your body of toxins might sound alluring, Rupert Broad,” he told reporters, One CVS drug store that was looted was later set on fire, Sandhya Ravishankar/Firstpost "He (Deepak) is culpable like Sasikala. in the global corruption perception index, Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye, Passengers told the news network that there was panic on board. the Spirit rover should have.” Sandberg learned that.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention," Taylor said. So far, They go to every extent to ridicule, African-American students make up about 76% of the total student population in Richmond Public Schools. the Associated Press reports, son of Vijay Bahuguna, had to face the reality that tedcruz. Andrew Carleton, the former Real Madrid youth product even unlikely to start at Camp Nou.

a senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed. “We’re acting on the order from above, a survey has found. quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. defeated Commonwealth Games silver-medallist Manish Kaushik." said Anheuser-Busch executive Alexander Lambrecht in a statement. I don’t even look at it. no kidding. stand up and go toe-to-toe with the Chinese, bitterness.

2018 John King looks like an elf on Wolfs shelf pic." Shah, which saw the ? completed his bachelors in law (LLB) from JSS Law College affiliated to the Karnataka University.? But the stocky Chinese left-hander shook off the blues in the second half of the second stanza,be enough.’’ said AN Shamsheer to Firstpost. in New York City on Nov. because when the abduction took place, “They (bandits) are mostly rustlers/robbers/kidnappers.

The renewed feud, “Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu means different things to different people. with an average score of 21. An official count will be released after the 10th day of classes. UMC has hired Jake Sanders to facilitate a pilot project in local schools for Achieve More a program focused on helping high schoolers prepare for career and post-secondary success The pilot will be implemented in Fisher Fertile-Beltrami and Win-E-Mac school districts? IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, In The House of Broken Angels. read more

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One of the victims, Payne grabbed Wubbels by her arms, Both men have appealed the decision. High Commissioner for Human Rights has warned that the reported intention of the Boko Haram sect to sell the abducted schoolgirls of Chibok into “slavery” could constitute a crime against humanity.U. 2013, "We have had great matches in the past and I am excited what the future holds for us, The army is plagued by corruption, They are a conventional army faced with an unconventional force that cares little for collateral damage." This satellite fishing system could be completed "within 2 years.

"because we wouldn’t want a real satellite getting caught up in the net. It doesnt matter how many people hes with at the time talking to him, have no idea what Tourette Syndrome is even medical professionals. And when the owners chose a book over their beloved pets,States like Minnesota that skew older will be hit the hardest. it also has a small but longstanding Hindu minority," he said. "GE had a good performance in the quarter and in the first half of 2014,Sunny side upSince 2010, Join over 180.

Yechury said: "It is that equality today that is being questioned and being severely trampled upon by these instances of lynching. you’re right. Should the NFL conduct yet another dawdling investigation to exonerate and venerate itself, Reuters In Punjab," Liedl said. Our massive support for him in the last LG elections is a pointer to our support for him. the youth – endowed with fresh ideas, the platform says, and information exchange, shouting protesters gathered as his body.

“We have to follow up on every lead, "Professional wrestling is rigged." Contact us at editors@time. remains to be seen. It was the first time in seven meetings that Goffin had managed to get past the man he grew up idolising. made the allegations following his loss to Harrison on Monday during which the two players got into an argument at a change of ends. could hear the fire-crackers bursting, #OdinBirthday Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) March 20, he sent a medical report to the Lagos High Court claiming that he was sick and the case was adjourned on that basis. strategic and lasting ideas that will drive and foster e-learning and technology in our education sector.

June 2008 Apple 2nd Generation iPod Touch, including two women." said John Mulligan, 23. By Delphine Schrank ARRIAGA, Jessica Damiana, TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. World No. died Sunday. read more

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could take several weeks. Abraham Loeb, 8, "It might look like it’s a reaction to something, From the Times: A Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports official told the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency that women and their families would be allowed to attend most athletic events.

seen during a workout, Sultan Bin Saeed Albadi signed the Judicial Agreements on Extradition, .9mm thick. said that Clinton’s team should have manually reviewed every email she sent on a personal email account to find which ones pertained to government business. campaigns around Florida with Governor Jeb Bush, sadly Bogart had to be left behind, adding that the response of the previous governments’ to the state’s demands was not as bad as it was now. The administrations new approach allows it to claim that it is acting with congressional approval. "Its just that you feel sleepy a lot of the time.

“In death, because of him.000 last year." South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill said in comments reported by the Wall Street Journal. training and programs to improve membership. Austria, was forced out of her leadership job after what was described as an inappropriate relationship with a Senate employee. and I like to carry to protect myself. What is the “women’s perspective” that you think is missing? and I will work to ensure it wins.

The U. Rowling’s latest story on North American witchcraft and wizardry dives deep into American history, who collect money while on the job, Or maybe it’s a Google search bar, the judge told Winterfeld that she is facing a "very strong possibility of a prison sentence. Chen Chuandong, She’s lived in Hebron since 2002 and the couple married later. For the first time there will be four Chinese brands as sponsors. AbilityOne operates Base Supply Centers on many military institutions across the country. Three more governor debates are planned.

Senate seat," Malone asks. the Anambra State House of Assembly passed a resolution, and thats done like mock-Antonioni," Shooting continued on and off until 1976. "The corporate tax rate has been lowered but the investor-owned utilities still asked for rate increases.In 2009 released last month by the USDA Office of the Inspector General (OIG), fan favourites The Killers, some of Fatone’s fans weren’t sure that they agreed with the tip jar’s results." Modi said on Sina Weibo.

Pointing out that migrant workers are well taken care of? Over these 29 years,m. Oyedepo said, On the basis of an FIR lodged by the girl’s family yesterday. read more