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first_imgChinese travellersHotels.com The sixth annual Chinese International Travel Monitor released by Hotels.com has revealed that Australia tops the list as the most desired destination in Asia-Pacific for Chinese travellers. Despite this, the report shows a gap in what Chinese guests want versus what hotels are providing.93 per cent of Australian hoteliers surveyed said they accommodated Chinese travellers, with 55 per cent observing growth of the market over the last 12 months, but the report also reveals that by making some adaptions to accommodate Chinese tourists, there is huge potential for Australian hotels to further tap into this market.The report identified key areas where hotels could improve their services, according to Chinese travellers:Chinese payment facilities at hotels, such as UnionPay, rank second for consumers in importance, yet only 18 per cent of AU hotels currently offer these facilities. Indeed, only 15 per cent intend to offer them in the next 12 months.In-house Mandarin-speaking staff was ranked number one by travellers but was low on the list for hoteliers, with only 16 per cent currently offering the service and 11 per cent planning to in the next 12 months.On-site Chinese restaurants were ranked fifth by travellers however only 3 per cent of hoteliers currently offer this service. Only 5 per cent intend to provide it in the next 12 months.Translated travel guides were ranked number four by travellers but are a low in priority for hoteliers; 14 per cent currently offer this and only 17 per cent plan to in future.Hotels.com Marketing Manager for Australia and New Zealand, David Spasovic says both the perception of Australia as a welcoming destination, and willingness of accommodation providers to cater to Chinese travellers is critical to ensuring sustainability of the local tourism industry.“As Australia’s second largest inbound tourist market[1], there’s no doubt that Chinese travellers offer huge economic benefits to our country. It’s fantastic to see Australia continues to deliver quality and friendly hospitality and Hotels.com is proud to partner with accommodation providers who work hard to ensure Chinese travellers feel welcome in our beautiful country. Despite this, Australia has fallen two places since topping the wish list of countries to visit last year.“The CITM report notes that Chinese travellers have entered a new phase in their evolution and are demanding more of everything – more time travelling, more locations and more diverse experiences. With Tourism Australia estimating up to AU$13 billion in total expenditure by Chinese travellers by 2020[2], it’s vital that hoteliers adapt to these evolving needs and develop tailored hotel services that tap into their enormous spending power.”Mr. Spasovic encouraged hoteliers to avoid taking a one-size-fits-all approach to attracting Chinese travellers.“Perceptions of Chinese travellers as wanting only Chinese breakfasts and Mandarin translations are outdated. Our research shows that the industry needs to move decisively to develop new products and marketing strategies for the far more sophisticated Chinese traveller of today”.last_img read more