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Ffriend guilty again, will appeal

first_imgJamaican basketball player Kimani Ffriend was once again found guilty of vehicular manslaughter in a Serbian Court yesterday. Ffriend, now 36, was being retried on the charge of being responsible for the death of Nevena Dragutinovic, a 30-year-old account executive, on November 3, 2012. He was first found guilty of the charge in September 2014 for the woman’s death and sentenced to serve three years in prison. However, an appeals court ordered a retrial, citing several mistakes made by the presiding judge. Ffriend, who has five months left on his sentence, will once again appeal the verdict, and this time, the appellate court’s decision will be the final verdict in the case. He will remain free until the appellate court makes its decision. FINAL APPEAL A date for the final appeal will be determined once the judge submits a written verdict explaining her latest decision, including why she chose to ignore the court-appointed expert’s testimony that, having reconstructed the scene of the incident, that the Jamaican’s explanation was plausible and that it was possible that he was not guilty. The judge had based her initial guilty verdict on the expert witness’ testimony, but this time chose to ignore it. “It’s just sad, man. It feels like somebody just took the air out of me,” said Ffriend in reaction to the verdict. However, he remains hopeful, as his lawyers have said that they now have a stronger case to take to the appeals court. During the first appeal, the court ruled that there were six mistakes that needed to be addressed during the retrial, and even suggested that the scene of the incident be reconstructed. During the retrial, the scene of the incident was reconstructed, during which Ffriend testified about what occurred on that fateful night three years ago. The court-appointed expert testified on his new findings, which corroborated with the Jamaican’s testimony, but the judge chose to ignore the new information he provided to the court. She claimed that she would not accept the verdict of the expert, as he had changed portions of his testimony from the first trial and that she was not obligated to accept his findings. In her opinion, Ffriend was guilty. – Leighton Levylast_img read more

Achrekar sir’s coins are like gold medals, says Sachin Tendulkar

first_imgAfter wooing fans for over two decades with his on-field performances, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter on Friday to interact with his fans.From his first coach Ramakant Achrekar to his favourite tennis star, a wide range of questions were shot at the him. Tendulkar was at ease, like always, answering them with child-like enthusiasm in short video messages.Tendulkar greeted every fan before answering the queries. Here is the excerpt from Tendulkar’s chatFans: Do you still treasure those coins that were kept on stumps by Achrekar sir during practice?Tendulkar: All those coins are gold medals for me and I still treasure them, brings back the old memories. I was 12 then. It used to get dark at Shivaji Park and we could barely see each other and in that light you are practising and to be able to survive for 10 or 15 minutes was a big challenge and I enjoyed that challenge. Those coins will always be special to me.How did you feel when (MS) Dhoni hit a six in 2011 World Cup last over? How did you enjoy the experience?I was sitting in the dressing room with Viru and he wanted to jump out of the dressing room and stand in the balcony. I said nothing doing, we have to sit here and leave the dressing room after the match is done. We can watch the highlights million times but we are not leaving the dressing room and I heard that roar and realised something special has happened. That was a golden moment of my life – Dhoni hitting that six and then holding that World Cup trophy.Who you like more as a player – (Stanislas) Wawrinka or (Novak) Djokovic?I follow tennis very closely and play at times also and for me it has to be Djokovic.How often do you play these days?I do play sometimes but at the age of 42, I can’t play cricket at a regular basis. So the idea of Cricket All-Stars came up and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with superstar players coming together. I also spend time playing cricket with my son and his school friends, super fun and tension-free cricket.How do you feel to hear the chant Sachin, Sachin after retirement?Sachin, Sachin chant has always been special, when so many fans like and love you so much. This will always be special and in my retirement speech also I mentioned that the Sachin, Sachin chant will reverberate for the rest of my life.Indian boxer Shiva Thapa asked how he should prepare for Rio Olympics, especially handling pressure?All the very best for the Olympics. Don’t worry about the pressure, just think about the process and results will follow. You have to stay just positive and enjoy the game. Pressures are going to be there but if you try to live in the present then pressures will take care of themselves.Best overseas ground you have played?It has to be Sydney because it has to do with the number of runs you have scored there. In my first trip in 1991-92, I scored a hundred and what I liked about the ground, be it the pavilion but the stands are different now because of the T20 format. Sydney to me is incredible.On Sudhir Gautam, Team India’s biggest fan?I met Sudhir Kumar 14 years ago in Mumbai and he’s truly a special fan with no expectations. He never forgets to wish me on my birthday and also he is a special person to me. You rarely meet people like this with no expectations and got everything to give. He is a special person.If you want to re-live one innings from you career, which one it would be and why?The innings has be against England in Chennai. For first three-and-half days they dominated we got back after that and when we won the game the entire country was celebrating, which meant lot to me after those difficult times. This was something special for all of us.Tendulkar replied to Michael Vaughn’s query also. Check it outadvertisement.@MichaelVaughan #AskSRT pic.twitter.com/mwiiLdw7FNsachin tendulkar (@sachin_rt) April 8, 2016.@JITbac #AskSRT pic.twitter.com/btloHgg6xWsachin tendulkar (@sachin_rt) April 8, 2016.@Zoheb250 #AskSRT pic.twitter.com/DWIdEojRAAsachin tendulkar (@sachin_rt) April 8, 2016.@piersmorgan #AskSRT pic.twitter.com/ajO6t5LGsUsachin tendulkar (@sachin_rt) April 8, 2016last_img read more