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Ffriend guilty again, will appeal

first_imgJamaican basketball player Kimani Ffriend was once again found guilty of vehicular manslaughter in a Serbian Court yesterday. Ffriend, now 36, was being retried on the charge of being responsible for the death of Nevena Dragutinovic, a 30-year-old account executive, on November 3, 2012. He was first found guilty of the charge in September 2014 for the woman’s death and sentenced to serve three years in prison. However, an appeals court ordered a retrial, citing several mistakes made by the presiding judge. Ffriend, who has five months left on his sentence, will once again appeal the verdict, and this time, the appellate court’s decision will be the final verdict in the case. He will remain free until the appellate court makes its decision. FINAL APPEAL A date for the final appeal will be determined once the judge submits a written verdict explaining her latest decision, including why she chose to ignore the court-appointed expert’s testimony that, having reconstructed the scene of the incident, that the Jamaican’s explanation was plausible and that it was possible that he was not guilty. The judge had based her initial guilty verdict on the expert witness’ testimony, but this time chose to ignore it. “It’s just sad, man. It feels like somebody just took the air out of me,” said Ffriend in reaction to the verdict. However, he remains hopeful, as his lawyers have said that they now have a stronger case to take to the appeals court. During the first appeal, the court ruled that there were six mistakes that needed to be addressed during the retrial, and even suggested that the scene of the incident be reconstructed. During the retrial, the scene of the incident was reconstructed, during which Ffriend testified about what occurred on that fateful night three years ago. The court-appointed expert testified on his new findings, which corroborated with the Jamaican’s testimony, but the judge chose to ignore the new information he provided to the court. She claimed that she would not accept the verdict of the expert, as he had changed portions of his testimony from the first trial and that she was not obligated to accept his findings. In her opinion, Ffriend was guilty. – Leighton Levylast_img read more

Doc Sign Brings PDF Signing to iPhone

first_img4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App Tags:#biz#Reviews 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout A new iPhone application called Doc Sign enables users to manage and sign PDF documents from their phones.Doc Sign can open PDF files attached to incoming emails, from a public URL or the via Drop.io file sharing service. The user can then touch any part of the document and add text or write their signature, then save and email it back or transfer it to their desktop via iTunes.The app does not currently support PDFs from Google Docs, but this feature is being planned for in a future version. In the meantime, users can work around this limitation by emailing files to themselves. Doc Sign, which was released by Crowded Road last month, is not the first application to bring PDF signing to the iPhone, but it does have some features that attempt to set it apart from the competition. “Unlike some similar products, Doc Sign is a pure app, not relying on any website or web-service,” says Adam Korbl, founder and CEO of Crowded Road. “We do not store or pass user documents through our servers whatsoever. This not only avoids any reliability issues that can arise as a result of server failures, but it also ensures superior privacy and document security, something essential for any enterprise-level application.”While the application will work on older versions of the iPhone, says Korbl, Apple’s new iOS4 is recommended for the best user experience. Doc Sign is not yet available for other devices, but Crowded Road is working on versions for the iPad and Android. Disclosure: We received a free version of this app in order to test it. center_img 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… john paul titlow Related Posts last_img read more

Kindle Updates Software, Adds Real Page Numbers and Public Notes

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Kindle has announced some of the software updates that are making their way to its latest generation of e-readers, including one of the most requested features currently absent from the devices: page numbers.Although, on one hand, digital books free us from having to think about “the page” as a physical construct for holding the words, the lack of page numbers on the Kindle has frustrated many readers. If you’re moving back-and-forth between and print and digital version, for example, it can be a challenge to find where you left off. And referencing and citing passages with proper bibliographic notation is impossible. No longer. Kindle is adding “real page numbers.” Rather than simply numbering the pages as they appear on the Kindle screen, Amazon says it will make sure the page numbers correspond directly to the print addition. Page numbers are being added to tens of thousands of Kindle books, says Amazon, and the feature will be available on Kindle apps in coming months.One of the features about the Kindle that I have long felt wasn’t developed to its full potential was the highlight feature. While you could choose to see which passages were the most often highlighted, you couldn’t really tell who was highlighting those passages, and you couldn’t opt to share your notes publically – say with colleagues or classmates. Kindle is adding a “public notes” feature, that will let you make your notes and highlights available for others to see. You’ll be able to follow the notes of others – an interesting to see what others are thinking about a particular book or passage. This is another big move towards taking advantage of the technologies that can make reading more social.Kindle is also improving the magazine and newspaper layout, something that makes it far better as your go-to device for reading this digital content. And Kindle is adding a new feature that, once you reach the end of the book, you’ll be able to rate it and push your thoughts and recommendations out to your social networks, as well as receive other recommendations about what you should read next. If you have the latest generation of Kindle, you can try an early preview of these features by downloading the software update. Once it becomes available, it will be pushed out to all devices via Wi-Fi. audrey watterscenter_img Tags:#Amazon#NYT#web Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

[Poll] Has Apple Gone Too Far?

first_imgTags:#Apple#mobile#Poll What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … dan rowinski Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts center_img Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology The rise of Apple as the darling of the technology industry was a decade in the making. The company had fallen on hard times before its co-founder and guru Steve Jobs came back in 1997 and redefined what Apple computers stood for.A decade later, in 2007, Apple released the iPhone, and love for the company as well as its revenue have skyrocketed since. But will the litany of lawsuits coming out of Cupertino, finally sour public opinion?The iPhone and iPad are two of the best-selling consumer-electronics products of all time. Each iteration leads Apple’s sales to greater heights. To many, Apple can do no wrong.They think that every decision is right, every mistake is someone else’s fault. Others have come before. Research In Motion’s BlackBerry was once so ubiquitous and heavily used in businesses that it earned the nickname “crackberry.” Nokia was a dominant global cellphone maker for years. Both companies now struggle, their once loyal customers likely toting iPhones right now. Poor decisions and bad timing led to their downfalls. The same fate is not coming to Apple soon. The company enjoys undeniable momentum, having sparked the global market for smartphones and tablets. The true mobile-computing revolution, however, has not been the technology, but the market Apple created. To protect its market and thought leadership, Apple has turned to the legal system. The company owns a clutch of patents for the design and functionality of touchscreen computers and it is using these patent to beat its competitors, if possible, into surrender.Apple has sued Samsung, HTC and Motorola in courts around the world. New patent claims are filed by Apple and other companies in the mobile industry so regularly that it is hard to keep up. The current case in point is the battle being fought between Apple and Samsung in a California court. Apple claims that Samsung willfully copied the design and functionality of the iPhone, and is asking for billions of dollars in damages. An Apple win here could set a precedent that leaves other companies vulnerable to Apple patent claims. But the courtroom battles are straining the affections of buyers and the trade media. Comments on Apple/Samsung articles that we have published are more vitriolic than usual even if Apple still has phalanxes of staunch, vocal supporters.Apple-bashing is not a new phenomenon. Yet more people are questioning Apple’s motives and whether it is still a mobile innovator.  “Apple is a technology-recipe company,” said Logan Hale from the Web show Tek Syndicate. “They take interesting things that other people have done and they add a little garlic, maybe some cilantro, and then say, blam, this is lovely.” Hale said the product “is delicious, and you like it, and then you run around to most of your friends and say ‘look at what Apple has invented.’ Well, they have not invented most of those things.”Have your opinions of Apple changed? Has it become a bully? Can it still innovate? Let us know in the comments. last_img read more

Two minors sexually assaulted in Jaipur

first_imgTwo instances of sexual assault of minor girls was reported here in the last three days. One of the victims was admitted to hospital with serious injuries. The accused in one of the cases — a domestic help at the child’s house — has been arrested.A four-year-old girl was allegedly raped in her house in the Manak Chowk area of the Walled City here on Saturday, while a six-year-old girl sleeping next to her mother on a pavement in the Mansarovar locality was allegedly abducted and assaulted by an unidentified person early on Monday. The accused in the second case is yet to be arrested.A 20-year-old youth, working at a jewellery shop and also at the shop owner’s house, allegedly took his four-year-old daughter inside a room and raped her after increasing the volume of television to make her screams inaudible. Police said the girl’s mother spotted the youth in the room and raised an alarm.Police have arrested the youth and registered a case under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act against him. The charge-sheet in the case is likely to be filed within a week.In the second instance, an unidentified man allegedly abducted a six-year-old girl, daughter of a labourer couple, from a pavement near the Mansarovar Metro depot, where she was sleeping, and assaulted her in the early hours on Monday.When the girl’s mother raised an alarm after finding her daughter missing, police launched a search and found her at some distance. The victim, who had received multiple injuries, was rushed to the Jaykay Lon Children’s Hospital and admitted there.last_img read more