Hungary Pick Szeged with a step forward towards the final

← Previous Story Germany beat Slovenia twice! Next Story → Michael Biegler new DHfK Leipzig headcoach! CsurgokekezoviclasicamiklerPick SzegedskaliczkiSzegedtatai After a long break Pick Szeged yesterday played the first match of the semi final of Hungarian Leagueagainst Csurgó who finished third in the regular season. The home team were the odds-on favouritebut the guests who had 4 former Szeged players (Herbert, Katzirz, Simon, Oláh) and one of the pivotsof the Hungarian National Team (Szöllősi) on their side wanted to cause big surprise. Neither teamhad any injured players.The match itself didn’t really excite Szeged residents as the sports hall was only about half-full. Thematch started with vicious Szeged attacks, the guests were unable to show much resistance andSzeged quickly gained the lead (5th minute 3:0)The number of goals didn’t change in the next five minutes however. World-class goalkeeping byRoland Mikler greatly contributed to Szeged’s perfectly working defence but in the same timetheir attacks became ineffective. At around the 15th minute Csurgó’s coach substituted both ofhis shooters and the guests started to close in non Szeged (20th minute 8:6). Szeged could onlycrack Csurgó’s tight defence near the end of the first half mainly thanks to improved shootingperformance. The first half ended with Pick’s confident lead (13:8)Pick’s coach Skaliczki kept both of his left handed shooters on the bench at the start of the secondhalf as Buday played in the right-back position. Csurgó’s defence became tougher and tougher butthe referees didn’t really approve and the number of 2-minute suspensions began to increase. Pickcouldn’t always use these extramen situations to their advantage but the difference slowly began togrow mainly because of weak attacking by Csurgó. (40th minute 17:10). Skaliczki changed both hiswings for the final phase of the match. Kekezovic and Lasica scored several goals, Tatai continuedMikler’s great performance, his long passes were put to score by the wings. In the end the hometeam won the match confidently (29:18). The second match, surely to be more difficult for Szeged,will be played on Thursday in Csurgó. Two matches need to be won to advance to the final.Best scorers: Sulc, Lasica, Prodanovic, Larholm (4) / Oláh (4)In the other semi final: MKB Veszprém-Tatabánya 35:22Text: Gábor Várkonyi, Péter ButtyPhoto:

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